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  • Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition

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This article lists and describes the service releases and patches for Microsoft Office 97.


To determine which version of each Microsoft Office program (application) you are running, use any of the following methods, and then locate the version number in the "Versions of <Application> 97" table later in this article. The program (application) names for Office 97 are Excel.exe, Winword.exe, Powerpnt.exe, Outlook.exe, and Msaccess.exe.

Method 1: Use the "About Microsoft <Application>" Command

Click About Microsoft <Application> on the Help menu in Microsoft <Application> (where <Application> is the name of the Microsoft Office program (application) that you are running). Note the version number listed in the dialog box.

Method 2: Identify the <Application>.exe File

To determine the version number from your <Application>.exe file, do the following:

  1. Use Microsoft Windows Explorer to locate the <Application>.exe file.

    The default location for this file is the following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office

    NOTE: If you are running Microsoft <Application> 97 from a network server, <Application>.exe is located on the network server.
  2. Right-click the <Application>.exe file. On the shortcut menu that appears, click Properties.
  3. On the Version tab, note the File version property.

Method 3: Use Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

In Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, you can also determine which version of Microsoft <Application> you have installed by checking the value returned by Application.Build or Application.Version in a Visual Basic for Applications macro.

NOTE: Outlook 97 does not have Visual Basic for Applications but does use Visual Basic Scripting. In the Visual Basic Scripting environment, a form that includes the following code

Sub Item_Open
   msgbox  item.outlookinternalversion
End Sub

returns the internal version when the form is opened.

Versions of Excel 97

 Excel           Help              File     Application.Build/   Patches/SRs
 version         menu (About)      version  Application.Version  Included

 Excel 97        Excel 97          8.0      3515 / 8.0           n/a

 Excel 97 SR-1   Excel 97 SR-1     8.0a     4307 / 8.0a          n/a

 Excel 97 SR-1   Excel 97 SR-1     8.0b     4307 / 8.0a          SR-1
 and Xl8p1.exe                                                      

 Excel 97 SR-1   Excel 97 SR-1     8.0c     4307 / 8.0a          SR-1, 
 and Xl8p2.exe                                                   Xl8p1.exe

 Excel 97 SR-1   Excel 97 SR-1     8.0d     4308 / 8.0d          SR-1,
 and Xl8p3.exe                                                   Xl8p1.exe,

 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2     8.0e     5618 / 8.0e          SR-1,

 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2(f)  8.0f     5619 / 8.0f          All fixes 
 and Xl8p4.exe                                                   in SR-2

 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2(g)  8.0g     5620 / 8.0g          All fixes
 and Xl8p5.exe                                                   in SR-2, 

 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2(h)  8.0h     6416 / 8.0h          All fixes
 and Xl8p6.exe                                                   in SR-2, 
 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2(i)  8.0i     6916 / 8.0i          All fixes
 and Xl8p7.exe                                                   in SR-2, 
 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2(j)  8.0j     7205 / 8.0j          All fixes
 and Xl8p8.exe                                                   in SR-2, 
 Excel 97 SR-2   Excel 97 SR-2(k)  8.0k     7410 / 8.0k          All fixes
 and Xl8p9.exe                                                   in SR-2, 


For additional information about each individual Excel 97 update, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

232652 XL97: Overview and History of Excel Patches

Versions of Word 97

 Word              Help             File     Application.Build/   Patches/SRs
 version           menu (About)     version  Application.Version  Included

 Word 97           Word 97          8.0      3514 / 8.0           n/a

 Word 97 SR-1      Word 97 SR-1     8.0      4412 / 8.0a          n/a

 Word 97 SR-2      Word 97 SR-2     8.0b     5622 / 8.0b          n/a
 Word 97 SR-2      Word 97 SR-2     8.0b     7522 / 8.0b          n/a
 and Wd97lyp.exe
 Wd97mcrs.exe      Word 97 SR-2     8.0b     8909 /8.0b            n/a

Versions of PowerPoint 97

 PowerPoint        Help             File     Application.Build/   Patches/SRs
 version           menu (About)     version  Application.Version  Included

 PowerPoint 97      PowerPoint 97       8.0      3516 / 8.00        n/a

 PowerPoint 97 SR-1 PowerPoint 97 SR-1  8.0      4208 / 8.00        n/a

 PowerPoint 97 SR-2 PowerPoint 97 SR-2  8.0b     5507 / 8.0b        SR-1

Versions of Access 97

 Access            Help               File                  Patches/SRs
 version           menu (About)       version               Included

 Access 97         Access 97          8.0.3512                n/a
 Access 97 SR-1    Access 97 SR-1     8.0.4122                n/a
 Access 97 SR-2    Access 97 SR-2     8.0.5903                SR-1         

NOTE: Access does not have an Application.Build or Application.Version property. If you need to use a macro, you can use "SysCmd(acSysCmdAccessVer)", but this only returns the major version information. The major version returned is always 8.0 in Access 97, Access 97 SR-1, and Access 97 SR-2.

The following are versions of the MSJet35.dll file that are included with Office/Access 97 and the Jet Updates.

 MSJet35.dll                File
 included with              version

 Access 97                 3.50.3428.0

 Access 97 SR-1            3.50.3907.5

 Jet35Upd.exe (1st rel)    3.51.0623.4

 Jet35Upd.exe (2nd rel)    3.51.1826.0

 Access 97 SR-2 and        3.51.2026.0
 Jet35Upd.exe (3rd rel)

 Jet35SP2.exe              3.51.2723.0

 Jet35SP3.exe (1st rel)    3.51.3203.0

 Jet35SP3.exe (2nd rel)    3.51.3328.0

The MSJet35.dll file is included with many programs. For a more complete list, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

For additional information about the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) release history, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

231943 INFO: Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) Release History

Versions of Outlook 97

 Outlook           Help            File        Internal        
 version           menu (About)    version     Version         Included

 Outlook 97        Outlook 97       8.0         3511              n/a

 Outlook 97 SR-1   8.02.4212        8.02        4212              n/a
 Outlook 97 SR-2   8.04.5619        8.04        5619              SR-1

For additional information about versions of Outlook 97, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

172623 OL97: Microsoft Outlook Version Information

Release History

 Update or Patch                                      Date Released      File name  

 E-Mail Forms Fix Utility for Outlook 97               15-Jul-97      Formfix.exe
 Internet Mail Enhancement Patch for Outlook 97        18-Jun-98      Outlimep.exe
 Switch Forms Utility for Outlook 97                   18-Jun-98      Switchfm.exe

 Office 97 Service Release 1 (SR-1)                    22-Jul-98      Sr1off97.exe

 Forms 2.0 Control Security Patch                      16-Jan-99      Fm2paste.exe
 Outlook 97 Import/Export Date Fix                     17-May-99      O97dtfix.exe
 Outlook 97 E-mail Attachment Security Update          12-Jul-99      O97attch.exe
 Office 97 Service Release 2b (SR-2b)                  30-Sep-99      Sr2bof97.exe

 Office 97 ODBC Driver Vulnerability Security Update    6-Oct-99      Jetcopkg.exe  

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More Information

For more information, please click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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