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Error Message: No Common Raw Drives Were Found between the Content Servers


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft NetShow Theater Server version 3.0


When you install NetShow Theater Server, the following error message may occur:

No common raw drives were found between the Content Servers.


NetShow Theater Server requires that there is at least one partitioned unformatted drive on the Content Server.


Make sure that you have at least one partition that is unformatted on each of your Content Servers.


Theater Server uses its own file system to store content. Therefore, it needs an unformatted partition to create its own file system. Each partition should be assigned a drive letter.

Each Content Server can have multiple content drives. It is recommended that each Content Server have the same number of content drives and the same size partitions for the drives. It is also a good idea, for performance reasons, to have the Theater content partition as the only partition on each physical drive.

For more information on the installation of Theater Server, see the Installing Microsoft NetShow Theater Server document (Install_Guide.doc) located on the Theater Server CD.

For more information on content drives, see the Learning About Microsoft NetShow Theater Server document (System_Guide.doc) on the Theater Server CD.

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