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  • Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Edition

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After you edit an offline publication filter, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour (depending on the size of the offline publication) for those changes to be replicated to client computers. On the client computer, it can even appear as if the offline publication has disappeared.


Offline publications and modifications to offline publications are propagated to client computers using replication. Because replication can take some time to send changes to the client computers, the publication can seem to disappear temporarily until the replication process has finished.


If you have waited for more than a few minutes for the offline publication changes to appear on the client computer, check the modPublications table's pub_State column (in the modSystem database) on the Access Workflow Designer server. As soon as the offline publication's state (pub_State) appears as a value of 10, the offline publication changes have been fully replicated to the client computers. The offline publication can now be seen and be used on client computers.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. On the Access Workflow Designer server computer, deploy the Issue Tracking application/solution.
  2. Move to a client computer where Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 SP1, and the client components have been installed. At that computer, use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse to the gridview.htm default page of the Issue Tracking application/solution.
  3. On the client computer, click the Offline - Subscription tab. You should see the publication named All Items.
  4. On the Access Workflow Designer development computer, open the Microsoft Access project for the Issue Tracking application/solution that you created in step 1.
  5. Start Access Workflow Designer.
  6. In the Object list, click Offline Publication and All Issues to display the "All Issues Offline Publication" window.
  7. Click the Filter Items tab, and then click Edit Filter.
  8. On the Access Workflow Designer development computer, enter some filter condition. For example, you can set the following:

    Column: AssignedTo
    Operator: Equals
    Value: Any valid user name

  9. After setting the filter, click Add and OK.
  10. Click Save. If you are prompted to re-create the publication, click Yes. (If you are not prompted, the publication is automatically re-created.)
  11. Quit Access Workflow Designer.
  12. On the client computer, browse to the Gridview.htm page of the Issue Tracking application/solution (as you did in step 2).
  13. Click the Offline toolbar, and then click the Subscription tab. Note that the All Issues publication is not currently visible.


For more information about Microsoft SQL Server replication, refer to SQL Server 7.0 Books Online, which is available for download from the following Microsoft Web site:

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