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Works: Copy Protection and Hard Disk Installation

PSS ID Number: Q24750 Article last modified on 06-10-1996

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To use Microsoft Works with systems that do not include a hard disk, make an exact duplicate of the master Program disk (and the System disk if you are using 400K disks) as described in the owner’s manual. Use this backup copy to run the Works program.

To install Works on a system with a hard disk, drag all the file and folder icons except the System Folder icon over to the hard disk. Do not drag the disk icons over to the hard disk. Please note that Page 340 of the “Microsoft Works” manual describes the use of the “Hard Disk Install” program. This information is incorrect because Works is not copy protected and does not include the “Hard Disk Install” program.

All versions of Works are not copy-protected. Insert the master disk to verify copy protection before running this program. Make sure the System Folder on the backup copy or hard disk is current for use with the Macintosh’s hardware configuration. Please contact your Apple dealer for more information on what versions of the software in the System Folder should be used with your computer, as well as how to update this software. We do not recommend that you update the System Folder on your master disk. Never alter your master disks in any way and do not use them to run Works.

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