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BUG: IOleObjectImpl<>::DoVerb Does Not Process Positive Verbs Correctly

Article ID: 247273

Article Last Modified on 10/2/2003


  • Microsoft ActiveX Template Library 2.0
  • Microsoft ActiveX Template Library 2.1
  • Microsoft ActiveX Template Library 3.0

This article was previously published under Q247273


According to documentation for IOleObject::DoVerb, unknown positive verbs should be treated as the primary verb and OLEOBJ_S_INVALIDVERB should be returned. ATL's implementation of IOleObject::DoVerb does nothing for positive verbs and returns E_NOTIMPL.


This is a bug in the ATL implementation of IOleObject::DoVerb.


To correct this behavior, you can override the ATL function IOleObjectImpl::DoVerb. You need to override the IOleObjectImpl::DoVerb function for every ATL object that needs to have the correct processing for IOleObject::DoVerb. Because this may need to be done for more than one ATL COM object in your project, it is recommended that you create a new template class derived from IOleObjectImpl. You can use the following steps to accomplish this:

  1. Create a new header file and insert it into your ATL project. Give the header file the name MyIOleObjectImpl.h.
  2. Open MyIOleObjectImpl.h created in step 1 and copy the following code into the file:

    #include <atlctl.h>
    template <class T>
    class IMyOleObjectImpl : public IOleObjectImpl<T>
      STDMETHODIMP DoVerb(LONG iVerb, LPMSG pMsg, IOleClientSite* pActiveSite, LONG lindex, HWND hwndParent, LPCRECT lprcPosRect )
         if (iVerb > 0)
            iVerb = OLEIVERB_PRIMARY;
            IOleObjectImpl<T>::DoVerb(iVerb, pMsg, pActiveSite,  lindex, hwndParent, lprcPosRect);
            return  OLEOBJ_S_INVALIDVERB; 
         return IOleObjectImpl<T>::DoVerb(iVerb, pMsg, pActiveSite,  lindex, hwndParent, lprcPosRect);
  3. Save and close MyIOleObjectImpl.h.
  4. Open your ATL COM object header file and add the following code before the class declaration:

    #include "MyIOleObjectImpl.h"
  5. Inside of your ATL COM object class derivation, change the existing derivation from IOleObjectImpl to IMyOleObjectImpl. The code should appear similar to the following:

    // Rest of classes omitted for brevity.
    //  public IOleObjectImpl<CATLCONTROLObj1>,
        public IMyOleObjectImpl<CATLCONTROLObj1>,
        public CComCoClass<CATLCONTROLObj1, &CLSID_ATLCONTROLObj1>
    // Rest of code omitted for brevity.
  6. Save your ATL COM object header file and rebuild the project.

After performing these steps, you should notice that IOleObject::DoVerb is implemented correctly when a positive verb is passed.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.


Please see the IOleObject::DoVerb documentation in MSDN.

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