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OFF98: Contents of the Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition/Mac OS 9 Updater ReadMe

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Article Last Modified on 9/26/2003


  • Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh

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The Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition/Mac OS 9 Updater contains a Read Me file describing the changes made by the updater. This article reproduces the contents of the ReadMe file.


           DECEMBER 1999

(c) 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

This Microsoft Office 98 Updater addresses three issues: 

* creating and editing charts in Excel and Graph on Apple's Macintosh OS 9.0
* printing from PowerPoint to an Epson 740 printer via the USB port 
* improperly exported date format for text files in Excel when using VBA.

In Excel and Graph on Mac OS 9.0 the Format Chart dialog is incorrectly
displayed making it difficult to create and edit charts. 

In PowerPoint, printing to the Epson 740 printer via the USB port gives
an "out of memory" error with no document printed.

In Excel, using VBA to export text files containing four-digit dates
results in data loss. When using VBA to save these text files, dates are
exported in two-digit format instead of the intended four-digit format.
When the text file is then re-opened in Excel, the 20th century is assumed
for years exported as 30 to 99, and the 21st century is assumed for years
exported as 00 to 29.  

NOTE: The loss of the definitive century information is specific to using
VBA to export text files with four-digit date formatting. All other means
of saving your text files in Excel correctly maintain the century
information.  Excel's native file format is not affected in any way. 

The following files are updated:
  *Microsoft Excel
  *Microsoft PowerPoint
  *Microsoft Graph

Important notes about this Updater:

* If you do not have a copy of the file "Microsoft Office 98" on your 
  target machine, you will be instructed to quit the updater. "Microsoft 
  Office 98" is required for any Office application to boot. If it is not 
  found, the updater assumes you do not have Office 98 installed and 
  therefore no update is necessary.

* It is not possible to directly update Office 98 if it is located on a 
  network volume.  You must run the Updater on a copy of Office 98 located 
  on a local disk, and then copy the updated version to your network 

* If you have multiple copies of the files the updater is trying to patch, 
  you will be asked to choose which copy you want modified. You can run the 
  Updater multiple times if you want to patch more than one copy of these 

* This copy of Microsoft Updater is designed to work only with the English 
  language version of Microsoft Office 98. If you try to run this patch 
  against other language versions, you will receive errors and your files 

  will not be properly updated. Check the Microsoft Office 98 web page at
  <> for the version of the Microsoft 
  Office 98 Updater that matches your copy of Microsoft Office 98.

* This patch will work on all installations of the English language version 
  of Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition, even installations which 
  include only a subset of the patchable files. If any of the application 
  files are not found, the patching process will continue without error.

* We recommend you close other running applications before running this 

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