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Article Last Modified on 10/28/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q246889


This article lists the article numbers for Exchange Server version 5.5 Internet Mail Service bugs that have been fixed since Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 was released. For information about how to obtain the fixes listed in this article, click the article number next to the title of the article about that issue to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

NOTE: Exchange Server fixes for a particular component are cumulative and contain all of the previous fixes for that component. Fixes with a particular version number contain all of the fixes that have an earlier version number.


Internet Mail Service fixes include the following files:

File name Current version
Imcmsg.dll 5.5.2652.53
Msexcimc.exe 5.5.2652.78

NOTE: The fix documented in Q243822, "XCON: Internet Mail Service Message Size Restriction Is Not Correctly Displayed," requires an updated Imcadmin.dll file in addition to the updated Msexcimc.exe file. This updated Imcadmin.dll file is contained in new versions of the Administrator program, not the Internet Mail Service. Therefore, to fully resolve the problem documented in Q243822, you must obtain a new version of the Administrator program in addition to obtaining a new version of the Internet Mail Service.

Fixes Released on July 28, 2000

The following files are modified:

  • Imcmsg.dll incremented to version 5.5.2652.53
  • Msexcimc.exe incremented to version 5.5.2652.78

The following fixes are included: 264330 XFOR: Internet Mail Service May Relay Messages Despite Restrictions

265727 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Stops Responding while Trying to Obtain Next Host to Deliver a Message

267245 XIMS: Internet Mail Service Incorrectly Returns Non-Delivery Report Message or Silently Drops E-Mail Message

269611 XFOR: Message Containing Null Recipient Address Is Not Delivered

Fixes Released on May 19, 2000

The following files are modified:

  • Imcmsg.dll added and incremented to version 5.5.2652.39
  • Msexcimc.exe incremented to version 5.5.2652.39

The following fixes are included:

237327 XIMS: Server Advertises STARTTLS Even Though the SSL Certificate Is Not Available

250441 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Moves Good Messages to the Archive Folder from the Pickup Folder

253619 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Logs Event 3150 When Receiving an Invalid Message from the Internet Mail Service

256114 XIMS: Access Violation at CMtsOutQueue::LoadCachedDetailInfo on Msexcimc.exe When a Comma Is Included in E-Mail Address

257578 XCON: Internet Mail Service Does Not Respond if Recipient Does Not Have an Address Type

258999 XIMS: Internet Mail Containing Null Originating Address of Mail From:<> Is Rewritten by the Internet Mail Service as <Unknown>

260741 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Does Not Deliver Message to Other Recipients If 552 Code Is Returned from Remote Server

Fixes Released on December 14, 1999

NOTE: The Imcmsg.dll file is not included with these fixes. This file is added later.

The following files are modified:

  • Msexcimc.exe incremented to version 5.5.2651.58

The following fixes are included: 239228 XCON: Internet Mail Service Incorrectly Routes Mail If Address Space Restriction Is Set to Site or Location

239816 XIMS: Exchange Server Internet Mail Service Stops Responding with a Particular Message

243822 XCON: Internet Mail Service Message Size Restriction Is Not Correctly Displayed 245041 XFOR: Postmaster Incorrectly Receives SMTP Messages

245565 XADM: Message Delivery Failures Using the Internet Mail Service with NTLM Authentication/Encryption

245740 XIMS: Addresses Rerouted to IPv4 Literals Result in NDRs

246051 XIMS: No NDR Generated When Inbound SMTP Message Exceeds "Max Recipients on Submit"

246881 XIMS: Non-Delivery Report Includes Distribution List Name Rather Than Individual Recipient

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