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FIX: ADO 1.5 Incorrectly Converts Dates with the Year Less than 100

ID: Q246581

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  • ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), version 1.5


When using Active Data Objects (ADO) 1.5 with an OLE DB provider that does not support conversion from DBTYPE_DBDATE and DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to an automation format, the year portion of the field containing a date gets corrupted if it is less than 100. For example, 0098 would be stored as 1998, and 0001 as 1901.


ADO 1.5 incorrectly converts the date value itself and displays 0098 year as 1998, or 0001 as 1901.


Upgrade the client to use ADO 2.x.


This has been fixed in all subsequent versions, starting with ADO 2.0.


ADO is an automation object. All data is exposed to the client through variants. If the provider does not support conversions from DBDATE and DBTIMESTAMP to variants, either natively or through the data conversion library provided by the OLEDB services, only then this error occurs when using ADO 1.5.

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