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How to Change the Time Zone in Interix

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Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition

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This article describes how to change the time zone in Interix.


Changing timezones can be done in several ways:

Globally: In the Windows Date/Time GUI (via Control Panel), change the timezone. This is a global system change. It will affect Winodows processes as well as Interix processes.

For Interix processes only: The TZ env. variable is set automatically when user starts up an Interix login shell. It is set using the information from the Windows system global timezone data.

The TZ envionment variable is used by all the time functions in Interix to determine which timezone the user wants to work in. If TZ is unset or set to an empty value, then the time functions don't use this value but rather calculate what TZ should be from the Windows' system global timezone info.

For Eastern Standard Time in the United States, the value of TZ environment variable would look like:


If the TZ env. variable needs to be modified, then it must be set using a complicated syntax. The syntax is described in the tzset(3) man page [This can be viewed by typing the command man tzset ].

Changing the TZ environment variable can be done at any time just like changing any other environment variable. Once changed it will effect all new Interix processes created using this environment.

If a system Administrator wants to have all Interix logins to use a timezone that is not the system default, then the TZ environment variable can be set in $INTERIX_ROOT/etc/profile.lcl for ksh users, or in $INTERIX_ROOT/etc/csh.lcl for csh users.

If an individual user wants to use a different timezone than the system default, they can set TZ in their personal login script file:

$HOME/.profile for ksh users
$HOME/.cshrc for csh users

There is another reason why a user may want to set TZ. That is because in some international Windows systems, Interix cannot it properly. For instance, in the Japanese edition of Windows TZ is set to "-9" To correct this problem, one could set TZ in the file $INTERIX_ROOT/etc/profile.lcl to:

export TZ=JST-9

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