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Microsoft KB Archive/175591

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HOWTO: Start the NetMeeting Whiteboard from an Application


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft NetMeeting 2.1 Software Development Kit (SDK)


How can I start the NetMeeting Whiteboard from my own application?

To launch NetMeeting Whiteboard (wb32.exe), NetMeeting needs to be running in the foreground or background. This article includes sample code that demonstrates how to programmatically check whether or not NetMeeting is running.


Sample Code

   INmManager * g_pMgr  = NULL;
   HRESULT hr;
   // Start NetMeeing manager
   if (FAILED(CoCreateInstance
      (VOID **)&g_pMgr)))
      return FALSE;

   ULONG uchCaps = 0;
   ULONG uOptions = (ULONG) 1; // NM_INIT_CONTROL;
   // The following will run NetMeeting in the background
   hr = g_pMgr->Initialize(&uOptions, &uchCaps);
   if (S_OK == hr) // NetMeeting initailizes successfully in the background
      char szNMDir[300]; // To hold the path name of NetMeeting wb32.exe
      strcpy (szNMDir, "Directory path to wb32.exe");
      HINSTANCE Hinst = ShellExecute( NULL, NULL, szNMDir,
                                      NULL,NULL,SW_NORMAL );

You can also programmatically obtain the NetMeeting installation directory from the registry.

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