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Microsoft KB Archive/175556

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Network Performance Key to Video Rendering Quality


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft NetShow Theater Server version 3.0


If NetShow Theater Server is running on a physical network that is not performing within given network standards, the result may be poor video rendering performance.


Due to the nature of streaming video, it is critical that a physical network designed for streaming video operate at network standard performance levels. The most important measurement of success of a Theater Server system is the number of blocks received by the rendering client. Any variation in network latency of the bit stream can introduce jitter, skips, pauses, jumps, or other disruptions of service to the rendering client.

The following is a list of tools that can be used to verify the proper operation of your physical network for use in a NetShow Theater Server streaming video environment:

  • Windows NT Performance Monitor: See the Theater Server documentation under the section, "Using Windows NT Performance Monitor Counters" for details on specific counters.
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server, Network Monitor: See the Systems Management Server documentation and Network Monitor online Help for the proper use of this product to complete network traces.
  • Windows NT netstat command: See the Windows NT Windows.hlp file under the section Windows NT Commands for details on the use of this utility to provide detailed information on protocol statistics.
  • Third-party switch, router, hub, netmod and other devices, performance evaluation and tuning tools: Please see the product documentation included with each of these physical network devices for more information.

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