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How to Change the Subdomain Name in SNA Server

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Article Last Modified on 3/8/2005


  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0

This article was previously published under Q175110


An SNA Server subdomain is the name given to a logical grouping of SNA servers and resources (in other words, link services, connections, LU's, sessions, and users) within a given NT domain that share the same configuration file. The logical grouping of SNA Server's in this manner can be used to reduce the administration and configuration overhead associated with managing a collection resouces.

There may be times however, when you need to change the name of the SNA Server subdomain but would prefer not to go through the process of removing and reinstalling SNA Server. Outlined below are the steps that can be performed to change the name of the subdomain.


The information concerning which subdomain an SNA Server belongs to is stored in both the registry and Snaexp.snav. Snaexp.snav contains information regarding the size and position of the main SNA Server Manager window, as well as which part of a subdomain is displayed in each multiple document interface (MDI) window and the size and position of the MDI windows. Therefore, several steps are necessary in order to complete this modification.

The registry information is located at:

   SNADomain REG_SZ: <subdomain name>

Perform the following steps on each SNA Server participating in the subdomain:

  1. Stop all SNA services.
  2. Run the Svconfig.exe utility which which is found in <snaroot>\system directory.
  3. Change the SUBDOMAIN NAME field to the desired one.
  4. Apply change and click OK to exit.
  5. Restart the SNA services.

Perform the following steps where SNA Manager has previously run:

  1. Delete the file SNAEXP.SNAV located in the <snaroot>\system subdirectory.

NOTE: This file will get recreated when SNA Manager is restarted.

NOTE: For SNA clients that are configured to resolve the location of SNA Servers via subdomain name, an additional change will be required on the client workstation to reflect the new subdomain name. If this change is not made, then clients will not be able to locate a SNA Server and fail to create a sponsor connection. No chnages are required for clients that are configured to locate a server by name.

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