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PRB: Installed Video codec for Use with NetMeeting Doesn't Appear in the Available List


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft NetMeeting 2.1 Software Development Kit (SDK)


When I install a video codec that I developed for use with NetMeeting and then enumerate my codec, why doesn't it appear in the available list even though IInstallVideoCodecs::AddVCMFormat succeeds?


In the case of installing video codecs for use with NetMeeting, the install application should make three successive calls to the IInstallVideoCodecs::AddVCMFormat() API for the three different sizes of the video window supported by the NetMeeting Video:

Small (128x96)

Medium (176x144)

Large (352x288)

You need to install three versions of your codec to support the different sizes. Make sure that the function in your code that executes these three calls contains the right values for the video capture variables that are supported by the video capture device driver. You should also reorder the preferences for picking the right codec when you use the install application.

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Last Reviewed: February 3, 2000
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