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  • Microsoft Visual InterDev 1.0 Standard Edition

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One of the following dialog boxes appears whenever you open or save a file in Visual InterDev:

   This file has been modified outside of the source editor. Do you want
   to reload it?


   A more recent version of the file 'Yourfile.htm' has been saved to the
   Web by '' on '<datetime>'.

   Do you want to replace this version with your file? <Yes> <No>


This behavior is usually caused by locating your project files on the Web server and not in a separate working directory (see the InfoView topic, "Microsoft Visual InterDev Architecture" for information on project files vs. Web files). For example, when creating a new Web project, typing "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\" into the "Location" text box in the "New\Web Project Wizard" dialog box puts the project files in the same location as the Web files. To determine if this is the case, select the "FileView" tab to see if you have any files with a .dsp, .dsw, or .opt extension. If these files show up in your project, your project files are in the same location as your Web.


Create a new project and enter a local folder in the "Location" dialog box (for example, "C:\my VID Projects"). After Visual InterDev creates the new project, add the Web files from the original project to the new project, using the "Add Files ..." command.


This behavior is by design.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Choose "Web Project Wizard" from the "File\New\Projects" menu.
  2. Enter a project name (for example, xxx) into the "Project Name:" text box of the "New" dialog box.
  3. Enter the path to your Web server in the "Location" text box. For example, if Visual InterDev is installed on the same machine as your Web server, you might enter "c:\InetPub\WWWRoot" as the location.
  4. Click OK to enter Step 1 of the Project Wizard.
  5. In the "Web Project Wizard -- Step 1 of 2" dialog box, select your Web server in the drop-down box and click Next to move to Step 2 of 2.
  6. In the "Web Project Wizard -- Step 2 of 2" dialog box, make sure the "Create a New Web" option is selected and the "Name:" entered is the same as that given in step 2 above. Click Finish to create the Web.
  7. Create a new .htm file and add it to the project.

You should see a dialog box that states the file already exists and asks if you would like to replace it.

  1. Make an edit to the file created in the previous step and save the file.

You will see the dialog box mentioned in the SYMPTOMS section of this article.


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