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XFOR: OV/VM Connector "Waiting for NJE Signon" After BIND

Article ID: 174694

Article Last Modified on 10/27/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q174694


During initial set up of the LinkAge Exchange-OV/VM Connector (also referred to as the Exchange PROFS Connector), the connector appears to BIND properly to the Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSCS) application, but no mail is exchanged. The last line in the LinkAge Exchange-OV/VM Connector logs for the LME-PROFS-NJE process is:

   1997/10/01 12:02:07- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 2 23353:SNA connection to the
      host has been established
   << NJESNA(3402)
   1997/10/01 12:02:07- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 4 23224:NJE Connection opened
   << njeconn(459)
   1997/10/01 12:02:07- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 4 23230:Waiting for initial
      contact (FMH-4) from NJE partner application
   << njeconn(883)
   1997/10/01 12:02:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 4 23204:FMH4: optimized fanout
   << njeconn(831)
   1997/10/01 12:02:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 4 23205:FMH4: signon supported
   << njeconn(837)
   1997/10/01 12:02:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 3 23229:Waiting for NJE Signon
      from host
   << njeconn(1119)

After five minutes the following errors are logged:

   1997/10/01 12:07:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 1 23356:Timeout occurred when
      waiting for an LUA verb to complete
   << NJESNA(631)
   1997/10/01 12:07:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 1 23349:Error {Session timeout
      occurred} occurred when reading SNA data from the host
   << NJESNA(3599)
   1997/10/01 12:07:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 1 23217:Error occurred when
      waiting for the signon record from the host
   << njeconn(1126)
   1997/10/01 12:07:08- LME-PROFS-NJE(01b7) 1 00510:Error {Session timeout
      occurred}: The application failed to initialize.
   << stdmain(858)


The connector and RSCS are supposed to exchange a node signon, and the initiating partner is the one with the alphabetically higher node name. The logs above indicate that neither side is initiating the node signon because the LinkAge Exchange-OV/VM Connector is not configured properly. The LOCALNODE= parameter in the Linkage.ini file located in C:\Linkage has to match the LINKID parameter in the RSCS LINK or the LINKDEF statement in the RSCS configuration file, and the PARTNERNODE= parameter has to match the RSCS node ID.

If the RSCS node ID is alphabetically lower than the LINKID name for the connector, then RSCS does not initiate the node signon. And if the LinkAge Exchange-OV/VM Connector is configured so that its LOCALNODE= parameter is alphabetically lower than the PARTNERNODE= parameter, the connector will not initiate either, and you will see the above logged errors as a result.


Correct the LOCALNODE= and PARTNERNODE= parameters to match the values specified in the RSCS configuration file. The LOCALNODE= parameter should match the LINKID parameter in the RSCS LINK or LINKDEF statement, and the PARTNERNODE= parameter should match the LOCALID parameter (both definitions are located in the RSCS configuration file).

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