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ACC97: Dynamic Data Exchange DDE Example Has Invalid Syntax

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Article Last Modified on 1/20/2007


  • Microsoft Access 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q174498

Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.


The Microsoft Access 97 Help Topic Example "Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Example," which can be displayed by clicking Example on the following topics,

   - DDEEXecute Statement
   - DDEInitiate Function
   - DDEPoke Statement
   - DDERequest Function
   - DDETerminate Statement
   - DDETerminateAll Statement

contains the following code:

   Sub ExcelDDE()
   Dim intI As Integer, intChan1 As Integer
   Dim strTopics As String, strResp As String, strSheetName As String

   On Error Resume Next      ' Set up error handling.

   intChan1 = DDEInitiate("Excel", "System")   ' Establish link.
   If Err Then                           ' If error occurs, Excel
      Err = 0                     ' may not be running.
                                                ' Reset error
      Shell "C:\Excel\Excel.exe", 1      ' and start spreadsheet.

      If Err Then Exit Sub             ' If another error, exit.

       ' Establish Spreadsheet link.
      intChan1 = DDEInitiate("Excel", "System")
   End If

   ' Create new worksheet.

   DDEExecute intChan1, "[New(1)]"

   ' Get topic list, worksheet name.

   strTopics = DDERequest(intChan1, "Selection")
   strSheetName = Left(strTopics, InStr(1, strTopics, "!") - 1)

   ' Terminate DDE link.
   DDETerminate intChan1

   ' Establish link with new worksheet.
   intChan1 = DDEInitiate("Excel", strSheetName)
   For intI = 1 To 10

      ' Put some values into
      DDEPoke intChan1, "R1C" & intI, intI

   ' first row.
   Next intI

   ' Make chart.
   DDEExecute intChan1, "[Select(""R1C1:R1C10"")][New(2,2)]"

   ' Terminate all links.
      End Sub

The first line of the code, which reads as follows, is incorrect:

    Dim intI As Integer, intChan1 As Integer

Change this line to read as follows:

    Dim intI As Long, intChan1 As Long.

This change is necessary when working with 32-bit applications.


The Microsoft Access 97 Help Topic "Convert Access Basic Code to Visual Basic" states the following:

   If you use the DDEInitiate function to open a DDE channel, you can
   declare the variable that stores the channel number, which is a Long
   value, as either a Variant or Long value. In versions 1.x and 2.0 of
   Microsoft Access, the channel number is an Integer value, so you must
   modify any Declaration statements in your code that create variables
   of type Integer to store the channel number.

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