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INFO: Differences Between 16-bit and 32-bit Internet Explorer


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Programming) version 3.02


Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 for Windows 3.x and Windows NT 3.51 are 16- bit applications, whereas Internet Explorer 3.02 for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 are 32-bit applications. There are some features in 32-bit Internet Explorer 3.02 that are not supported in 16-bit Internet Explorer 3.02. This article gives some general information on the different features supported by 32-bit and 16-bit Internet Explorer 3.02.

Please note, this article applies to Internet Explorer 3.02 only, there will be articles on different feature sets with 16-bit and 32-bit Internet Explorer 4.0 browsers as they become available.


The following presents a simple matrix for the major features of 32-bit and 16-bit Internet Explorer 3.02:

             32-bit Internet Explorer 3.02    16-bit Internet Explorer 3.02

Platform     Win95, NT4.0                     Win3.1, Win3.11, NT3.51
Memory       8M required, 16M recommended     4M required, 8M recommended
Browser      HTML 2.0                         HTML 2.0
             HTTP 1.0                         HTTP 1.0
             Plug-in                          Plug-in(non full page)
             ActiveX controls                 N/A
             Code download and code signing   N/A
             CSS                              CSS
             PICS                             PICS
             SSL 40/128                       SSL 40/128
             Basic,NTLM,MSN authentication    Basic,NTLM*,MSN
             JScript, VBScript                JScript, VBScript
             File upload                      File upload
Java         JDK 1.02                         JDK 1.02
             Applet signing                   N/A
             COM and Java integration         N/A
             Scripting and Java communication N/A
             MS enhancements                  N/A
Mail         Internet Mail                    Internet Mail
News         Internet News                    Built in browser
NetShow      Yes                              N/A
ComicChat    Yes                              N/A
Stack&Dialer Win95 and NT RAS built in OS     ShivaPPP+FTP, TCP/IP 
  • NOTE: Although the 16-bit browser supports NTLM (NT Challenge Response), the user will still be prompted for Domain credentials (username/password/domain) because the browser does not have the ability to pull these credentials from the client and pass them automatically.

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