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HOWTO: Convert Fcurves to Continuous Rotations

PSS ID Number: Q174416 Article last modified on 09-29-1997

IRIX:3.7; WINNT:3.7

IRIX winnt


The information in this article applies to:

  • Softimage 3D for IRIX, version 3.7
  • == Softimage 3D for Windows NT, version 3.7 ==


Before you start keyframing the rotations of an object, you must de-activate Preferences>Continuous Rotation. If you forget this step, the Set Rotation Continuity operation fails, making it necessary to use the workaround below to create a continuous rotation.


  1. De-activate the Preferences>Continuous Rotation mode.
  2. In Position and Orientation, constrain a Primitive cube to an object (object 1) with Rotation Fcurves.
  3. Relax the cube’s constraints.
  4. Select the cube and copy the rotation animation from object 1.
  5. Choose FcrvReset>Object>All. This removes the animation from object 1.
  6. Select object 1 (without any Fcurves), and copy the animation from the Cube.
  7. Delete the Cube.
  8. Proceed with the FcrvEdit>Set Continuous Rotation operation as described on page 700 of the SOFTIMAGE 3D Reference Guide.


SOFTIMAGE 3D Reference Guide: A to H, Interface, page 700.

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