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INFO: Minimum and Maximum Memory Used by Eddie

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The information in this article applies to:

  • == Softimage Eddie for IRIX, version 3.5 ==


This article provides an explanation of the available minimum and maximum memory settings.

Maximum Memory

The Memory to Use value defines the maximum memory allocated to Eddie. Regardless of the available memory, the Eddie process can not use more than what is specified. You can also define a value that is higher than the total RAM. If you do, a warning message appears, but clicking OK sets the Memory to Use limit to the specified value. There are two ways to set the Memory to Use value:

  • in the Preferences dialog box


  • setting the EDDIEMEM environment variable.

The following are two advantages for specifying a Memory to Use value:

  • Performance enhancements: By specifying a limit that is equal to the available memory (free RAM), it is not necessary for Eddie to use swap space thereby reducing processing times. For example, when you start Eddie the osview command (documented in the Eddie manual) reports that the free RAM is 50 megs. However, you have 128 megs of RAM, so you can set the Memory To Use value to 50 megs, therefore limiting the amount Eddie uses.
  • If Eddie only uses a portion of the available memory, you can run other processes. For example, if you have 200 megs available (RAM free + swap space free), you can limit Eddie to use 50 megs, leaving 150 megs available for other processes.

Minimum Memory

Regardless of other memory settings, the EDDIE_MIN_MEM_LIMIT environment variable determines the limit to the system’s minimum available memory. If the environment variable is not set, the default setting is 7 megs. This means that when there are only 7 megs remaining, Eddie flushes previously rendered (and possibly unused) images rather than using more memory resources. By keeping the default setting of 7 megs, other processes can run properly. You can increase the value if you find that 7 megs is not sufficient to start certain processes, such as another Eddie process, which require about 15 Megs or hi-res files that require at least equal to Xres X Yres X 4.


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