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How To Getting IHlinkFrame from Within a Hyperlink Target

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Article Last Modified on 7/1/2004


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 128-Bit Edition
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2

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In an example in the Hyperlinking section of the documentation, the Internet Client SDK indicates that an Active Document application can retrieve the IHlinkFrame interface from its container by calling QueryInterface on the container's IOleInPlaceFrame object and asking for IID_IHlinkFrame.

For Internet Explorer (IE), this will fail. The correct way to retrieve IHlinkFrame is through the IServiceProvider interface.


Here is sample code that demonstrates the correct method for retrieving Internet Explorer's IHlinkFrame interface:

   IHlinkFramePtr pHLFrame;
   IOleClientSitePtr pCS = m_lpClientSite;
   IServiceProviderPtr pSP = pCS;
   pSP->QueryService(SID_SHlinkFrame, IID_IHlinkFrame,

In an MFC Active Document server, the IOleClientSite interface can be retrieved from within the document class using the m_lpClientSite protected member of COleServerDoc.


This sample uses Visual C++ 5.0 COM-support syntax. Please refer to the Visual C++ 5.0 documentation for discussion on these smart pointers:

Visual C++ Books Online: Visual C++; Visual C++ Programmer's Guide; Adding Program Functionality; Overviews; Compiler COM Support: Overview

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