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Outlook 97 Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Messaging

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Outlook 97


This article shows you how to obtain support information from the Microsoft Knowledge Base by e-mail or by fax. If you are currently viewing this article on the World Wide Web, this information may not pertain to you.


The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a subset of Knowledge Base articles about E-Mail Messaging, Inbox Ast., and Rules Wizard. Use the instructions in the "Ordering an Articles by E-Mail or by Fax" section of this article to order items from this list.

Note that because Microsoft Technical Support is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Technical Support on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:


Ordering an Article by E-Mail

To have an article from the list sent to you in e-mail, send a message to "" (without the quotation marks), and use the Article ID in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

   SUBJECT: Q119591

For more information about how to order an article by e-mail, send an e- mail message to "" (without the quotation marks), with the word "index" in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

   SUBJECT: index

Ordering an Article over the Phone and Having It Sent to a Fax Machine

To have an article sent to a fax machine, use the Microsoft FastTips System. Microsoft FastTips is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a touch-tone telephone. To order items from this article list, first note the five- to six-digit number of the Article ID shown for each item, and then follow these steps:

1. Dial the toll-free FastTips number:

      (800) 936-4100

2. When prompted, select the appropriate number for the product you are

   using (for example, for Microsoft Word, select 2).

3. When prompted, select the version of the product that you are using.

4. From the "FastTips Main Menu," select 1 to place a FastTips catalog


5. At the "to order items from your catalog" prompt, select 1.

6. When prompted with the "at the tone, enter the item ID number followed

   by the pound key" message, enter the Article ID number from the
   following list and press # (use the numbers following "Q," but do not
   include "Q").

      NOTE: You can order up to five items at a time.

7. When prompted, select the fax option and enter your three-digit area

   code and seven-digit fax number.

8. When you're finished ordering, hang up.

If you have problems receiving a fax, please call the FastTips Hotline at (425) 635-3199.



Q173749   OL97: User-Defined Field Shows How E-mail is Addressed
Q173665   OL97: Receiving Voice Mail in the Outlook Inbox
Q173462   OL97: Forwarded Message Behaves Differently with Rules Wizard
Q173267   OL97: Outlook 8.02 Indicates Larger File Size for Attachments
Q173103   OL97: Unable to Route E-mail Message
Q173089   OL97: Unable to Open Forwarded Message with Security
Q171725   OL97: Outlook Rules Wizard Troubleshooting
Q171679   OL97: Overview of the Rules Wizard Add-in
Q171294   OL97: HTML Formatted Mail Is Received as a Shortcut Icon
Q171292   OL97: Reply Starts Another Mail Client Rather Than Outlook
Q171160   OL97: E-mail Truncated Sending to Alphanumeric Pagers
Q170697   OL97: Cannot Forward a Fax in Outlook
Q170694   OL97: Unable to Send Mail Using the CompuServe Mail Service
Q170684   OL97: Unreliable Read and Delivery Receipts with Internet E-mail
Q170631   OL97: Removing the "(E-mail)" From E-mail Display Names
Q170580   OL97: Embedded Objects May Be Lost when Sending Internet E-Mail
Q170545   OL97: Mail Created Offline not Stored in Sent Items Folder
Q169819   OL97: Creating a From Rule for an Internet Mail Address
Q169709   OL97: How to Copy the Personal Address Book to Another Computer
Q169563   OL97: Unable to Start Outlook Minimized
Q169259   OL97: New Nickname Features in Outlook 8.02
Q169076   OL97: Mailto Function Includes Only E-mail Address
Q168641   OL97: Unable to Resolve Nicknames
Q167983   OL97: How to Type a Fax Number on the To Line of a Mail Message
Q166344   OL97: File Attachments Will not Open When Using Wordmail
Q166315   OL97: Limitations of the Recall Message Feature
Q166091   OL97: No Support of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Q165794   OL97: Unable to Save Rules After Installing Rules Wizard
Q164598   OL97: How to Clear the AutoNameCheck List
Q163860   OL97: Err Msg: A Message Could Not Be Delivered
Q163749   OL97: Preventing Reply All to Large Aliases
Q163667   OL97: No Notification Given for Arriving E-Mail Messages
Q163385   OL97: Mail Message Icon Does Not Change After Reading
Q163176   OL97: MSN Mail Not Sent with Category or Contact Attachment
Q162571   OL97: Inbox Assistant Not Available
Q162343   OL97: How to Troubleshoot Mail Stuck in the Outbox
Q161790   OL97: Error Message That Sent Items Remain in Outbox
Q161479   OL97: How to Look Up a Contact from an E-Mail Address
Q161375   OL97: Err Msg: "Cannot Perform the Requested Operation" When
          Right-Clicking Send Options
Q161323   OL97: Undeliverable Mail Message When Sending Internet Mail
Q161210   OL97: How to Delete an Entire Message Thread
Q161029   OL97: Read-only Status Displayed in Message Title Bar
Q160934   OL97: How to Sort and Print Tracking Information
Q160813   OL97: How to Specify RTF for Specific E-mail Addresses
Q159810   OL97: How to Disable Annotation Marks in Replies and Forwards
Q158137   OL97: "Read-Only" Not Removed from Titlebar in Saved Item

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