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Money 98: Err Msg:“Your online setup (.MNS) file appears…”

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  • == Microsoft Money 98 ==


During Online setup, you can choose to obtain Financial Institution information from a file (an Online Services Setup file). The file can be one of those supplied on the Money 98 CD-ROM, or on a disk provided by your financial institution. When you select the file for your financial institution, you may receive the following error message:

Your online setup (.MNS) file appears to be corrupt. You may need to try again or get a new setup file from your financial institution.


This is a result of attempting to connect to the Branding Directory Server (BDS) with a corrupted Online Services Setup .MNS file.


To resolve this issue you must contact your financial institution for a replacement Online Setup .MNS file and delete the contents of the Temp folder. For steps on how to delete the contents of the Temp folder see the “More Information” section later in this article.

If you were using the Online Services Setup .MNS file provided on the Money 98 CD-ROM, call 800-360-7561 or Microsoft Technical Suppport for a replacement.


The Online Setup .MNS file contains connection information necessary to communicate with your financial institution. It may also contain logos, advertisements, Web page links and contact information, all of which are displayed at the Online Banking and Investments place.

Deleting the Contents of the Temp Folder

  1. Restart your computer. Press the F8 key when you see the “Starting Windows 95” message, then choose “Safe mode command prompt only.”

  2. Type “set” (without quotation marks) and press ENTER. Note the location of the TEMP variable.

  3. Change to the folder noted in step 2. For example, if TEMP is set to C:, type the following line and then press ENTER:


  4. Delete any temporary files and/or any initialization files in this directory. Temporary files typically have a .TMP extension. Initialization files have an .INI extenstion. To delete these files, type the following line and then press ENTER:

    For temporary files type: del *.tmp

    For initialization files type: del *.ini

    NOTE: You should not delete these files from within the Windows because Windows or a Windows-based program may be using one of the files.

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