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Microsoft KB Archive/173932

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FIX: Heavy Stress on Tempdb with Multi-CPU Computer May Cause AVs or Level 600 Error

Article ID: 173932

Article Last Modified on 10/16/2003


  • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q173932

BUG #: 17113 (6.5)


You may receive "max connection" errors, access violations (AVs) and/or 600- level errors if you are using a multi-processor computer and tempdb is under heavy stress (creating or dropping tables, using SELECT INTO statements, and so on).

In the case of "max connection" errors, the server goes into a spin loop and stops responding. The following is an example of an error message you may receive:

97/07/12 03:30:43.53 ods Unable to connect. The maximum number of
'128' configured user connections are already connected. System
Administrator can configure to a higher value with sp_configure.

The following are some example AVs (taken from Debugsr.exe 6.50.262):

97/07/12 03:06:10.07 spid11   ***BEGIN STACK TRACE***
97/07/12 03:06:10.18 spid11   0x005DD5BC in debugsr.EXE, getobject() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.34 spid11   0x005A6A34 in debugsr.EXE, droptempo() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.40 spid11   0x0051C4A3 in debugsr.EXE, tmp_alldrop() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.47 spid11   0x00511281 in debugsr.EXE, s_free() + 0x005A
97/07/12 03:06:10.47 spid11   0x0051118A in debugsr.EXE, s_pop() + 0x00B9
97/07/12 03:06:10.50 spid11   0x0055D492 in debugsr.EXE, execproc() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.55 spid11   0x00559751 in debugsr.EXE, s_execute() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.62 spid11   0x0050E5EC in debugsr.EXE, sequencer() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.67 spid11   0x004156C1 in debugsr.EXE, language_exec() +
97/07/12 03:06:10.74 spid11   0x00250FED in opends60.dll
97/07/12 03:06:10.74 spid11   0x0025055B in opends60.dll
97/07/12 03:06:10.74 spid11   0x002414D1 in opends60.dll
97/07/12 03:06:10.74 spid11   0x00241384 in opends60.dll
97/07/12 03:06:10.74 spid11   0x10219D84 in MSVCRT40.dll
97/07/12 03:06:10.74 spid11   0x77F04F2C in KERNEL32.dll
97/07/12 03:06:10.75 spid11   ***END STACK TRACE***
97/07/12 03:06:11.16 kernel   The current contents of process'''' input
buffer are ''''exec p1''''.

Limited testing has shown this problem only occurs in an extremely narrow scope where both a high performance server and heavy volume activity are involved.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in SQL Server version 6.5. This problem was corrected in the latest Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 U.S. Service Pack. For information on obtaining the service pack, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):


Additional query words: hang crash AV

Keywords: kbbug kbfix kbpending kbusage kbsqlserv650bug KB173932