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Money: Money Home Screen Overview

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Money 98
  • == Microsoft Money 99 ==


This article provides an overview of the Money Home screen, previously called the Contents place in Money 97. The Money Home screen serves as your default entry point into Money. A number of enhancements have been made to this page, for example a Navigation bar which contains nine buttons that allow direct access to the main areas of Money. In addition several new features such as Advisor and Headlines have been added.


Money 98/99 preserves the same general navigational model established in earlier versions, with the Home screen reorganized and Menu bars enhanced. The Money Home screen is flexible and always changing to reflect your current financial situation.

NOTE: The following features are only available in Financial Suite of Money 98, Advisor, Monthly Report, Money Insider and Planner.


Advisor FYI

The Advisor FYI oversees your activities in Money to help set priorities and prevent mistakes. Based on principles suggested by financial experts, the Advisor FYI proposes ways to more effectively manage your money. Advisor also directs you to areas of the program that offer additional help.

NOTE: The Advisor information updates with every third opening of the Money program.

Tip of the Day

Provides a daily tip to help you with your finances.

Take a Tour of Money 98

Starts the Money Tour.

Chart of the Day

The Chart of the Day uses your information and the charts available in Money to graphically display your information.


This is a list of reminders for upcoming and overdue bills. Clicking a bill will take you to the Bills area.


This a list of your Favorite accounts, click the account name to open the account register.

Headlines on the Web

Here you will see headlines from the Money Insider, MSN Investor, and the Money Home page on the Web. Click a headline to view the article and other information on the Web. Headlines update once a week.

Update Internet Information

Will connect you to the Internet to download information including stock quotes, updated Headlines, and the latest Mortgage and Tax rates.


Money Home

This button returns you to the Money Home screen from other areas of Money.


Takes you to the Accounts area, to view a summary of all your accounts, create new accounts, and delete or modify existing accounts. This area is a combination of the Account Manager, Account Register, and Account Details from Money 97.


This provides access to the Bills area, where you can manage your cash flow and online payments. Bills is a new name for the Money 97 Payment Calendar.

Online Banking

Takes you to the Online Banking and Brokerage area, where you can send online bill payments and download your statements and investment transactions.


Takes you to the Investments area, where you can track your Investment Portfolio. This area combines the Investment Portfolio, Investment Details and online Quotes from Money 97.


Takes you to the Goal Planner, where you can set goals, create a debt reduction plan, and budget expenses.


Takes you to the Gallery of Reports and Charts, where you can view and customize summary reports about your finances.

Money Insider

Takes you to Money Insider, where you can read about basic finance and use financial calculators.


Takes you to the Categories and Payees area, where you can keep detailed information regarding your Categories and Payees, as well as set up classifications.


Takes you back to the previous screen.

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