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HOWTO: Texture Path Reference Problems When Moving Databases

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The information in this article applies to:

  • == Softimage 3D for IRIX, version 3.7 ==


This procedure shows you how to ensure that texture paths correctly reference relocated databases:

  1. Make sure your textures are in the new database(s).

  2. Start the database tool manager by entering the command: dbtools

  3. Go to your TEXTURES2D chapter of the appropriate database.

  4. To display the image paths referenced by your 2Dtexture files, enter the command: lspic

    Expect a lot of output if your database is large.

  5. Glance over the pathnames and decide which ones you want to change. Specifically, look for identical portions of pathnames and write them down. This will simplify the process.

  6. Enter the command: chgpic

    A help page appears. Use the chgpic command to change the pathnames of all the texture files in the current active chapter. You can use the -p option to work on portions of pathnames instead of the pathnames as a whole. This allows fine-tuning when moving large amounts of data.

    To change all occurrences of /usr/people/me/my_database/PICTURES to /net/newserver/me/my_database/PICTURES, you must type:

    chgpic /usr/people /net/newserver -p

    When chgpic is finished, use the lspic command to verify the results.

  7. When you are finished changing all your paths, type “exit” or “quit” to exit dbtools.


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