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INFO: Reduce Typing Long Directory Paths to Start Standalones

PSS ID Number: Q173627 Article last modified on 09-10-1997

IRIX:3.7; WINNT:3.7

IRIX winnt


The information in this article applies to:

  • Softimage 3D for IRIX, version 3.7
  • == Softimage 3D for Windows NT, version 3.7 ==


This article provides a method that eliminates typing the path when launching standalones.

  1. On NT, edit your setenv.bat file and, near the end of the file, after SI_LOCATION, add the line:

    set RSRC=%SI_LOCATION%\3d

    On IRIX, edit your .softimage file and add:

    setenv RSRC $SI_LOCATION/3D/rsrc

  2. From a Command prompt, when you start standalones that require the path to your rsrc directory, you can type:

    on NT:

    soft2iges -R %rsrc% <Other Options>

    on IRIX:

    soft2iges -R $RSRC <Other Options>


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