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Microsoft KB Archive/173617

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Article ID: 173617

Article Last Modified on 5/30/2007


  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0

This article was previously published under Q173617


The SNA Server Host Print service may generated an application exception when attempting to start a configured print session in SNA Server Manager. An error similar to the following will be logged in the Windows NT Application Event Log when the application exception occurs:

Event ID: 4097
Source: DrWatson
Description: The application, exe\snaprint.dbg, generated an application error.
The error occurred on <date> @

In addition, a Drwtsn32.log file will be generated in the Windows NT directory. The Drwtsn32.log will contain information similar to the following:

Application exception occurred:

App: exe\snaprint.DBG (pid=<process id #>)
When: <date> @


When starting a print session, the Print Server attempts to open a connection to the configured printer by issuing a StartDoc() call. If the StartDoc() call fails, the print server was not properly setting all related pointers to NULL, causing the application exception to occur.

In a reported occurrence of this problem, the StartDoc() call failed because the print server was not able to connect to the TCP/IP address of the remote printer that the print session was configured to use. There may be other reasons that StartDoc() fails that result in the same application exception.


The SNA Server Print service has been updated to correctly free all allocated memory and to reset all related pointers if the StartDoc() fails.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in SNA Server versions 3.0 and 3.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1). This problem was corrected in the latest SNA Server version 3.0 U.S. Service Pack. For information on obtaining this Service Pack, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):

   S E R V P A C K


The Drwtsn32.log file will contain information similar to the following:

   Application exception occurred:
      App: exe\snaprint.DBG (pid=<process id #>)
      When: <date> @ <time>
      Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

   function: AIMOpenPrinter
      01002195 53               push    ebx
      01002196 68c0a70001       push    0x100a7c0
      0100219b 6a00             push    0x0
      0100219d e82e080000       call    PreAsyncTrace (010029d0)
      010021a2 83c410           add     esp,0x10
      010021a5 8bcb             mov     ecx,ebx
      010021a7 a13ce00001     mov eax,[PPDSessions (0100e03c)]
      010021ac 8b443804         mov     eax,[eax+edi+0x4]
      010021b0 8b10             mov     edx,[eax]
      010021b2 8a01             mov     al,[ecx]
   FAULT ->010021b4 3a02             cmp     al,[edx]
      010021b6 751a             jnz     AIMOpenPrinter+0xdf2 (010021d2)
      010021b8 0ac0             or      al,al
      010021ba 7412             jz      AIMOpenPrinter+0xdee (010021ce)
      010021bc 8a4101           mov     al,[ecx+0x1]
      010021bf 3a4201           cmp     al,[edx+0x1]
      010021c2 750e             jnz     AIMOpenPrinter+0xdf2 (010021d2)
      010021c4 83c102           add     ecx,0x2
      010021c7 83c202           add     edx,0x2
      010021ca 0ac0             or      al,al
      010021cc 75e4             jnz     AIMOpenPrinter+0xdd2 (010021b2)
      010021ce 33c0             xor     eax,eax

*----> Stack Back Trace <----*

   FramePtr ReturnAd Param#1  Param#2  Param#3  Param#4  Function Name
   01b5ff5c 01004af7 01b5ff84 00000000 00000000 0c7b9a00
   snaprint!AIMOpenPrinter  (FPO: [EBP 0x01b5ffec] [4,146,4])
   01b5ffa0 01006ca6 00146f98 77dd8f8c 00000001 00146fa0
   snaprint!AIMRunScheduler  (FPO: [EBP 0x01b5ffec] [0,8,4])
   01b5ffa8 77dd8f8c 00000001 00146fa0 00140548 77f04f32
   snaprint!SIMMainEntryPoint  (FPO: [2,0,1])
   01b5ffec 00000000 77dd8f7e 00146f98 00000000 52485324
   00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

Additional query words: trap

Keywords: kbbug kbfix kbnetwork KB173617