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Microsoft KB Archive/173577

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Article ID: 173577

Article Last Modified on 1/20/2007


  • Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q173577


When you switch between views, the following view options may change their current settings:

  • Horizontal Scroll Bar
  • Wrap to Window


The Horizontal Scroll Bar and Wrap To Window settings in online layout view are independent of the same settings in normal, page layout, outline and master document views.


This behavior is by design. Online layout view optimizes the layout of your document to make it easier to read online. The text appears larger than it would be printed, and also wraps to fit the window. To switch to online layout view, click Online Layout on the View menu.

Horizontal Scroll Bar

The horizontal scroll bar option is turned off by default because Word automatically sizes the document to optimize the amount of text shown with the Document Map. When you turn this option on, it has no effect on the appearance of the document.

Wrap to Window

The Wrap to Window option is turned off by default because the width of the text is automatically sized based on the width of the document window in online layout view. When you turn this option on, your document may appear slightly different because the space around the document is hidden.

What View Options Are Available?

The following table shows the view options that are available in each view, and which options stay the same when you switch between views.


A = This option is available in this view.
S = This option stays the same between views.

                                   Normal  Online  Page    Outline Master
   View option                     view    layout  layout  view    document
   Draft font                      A S                     A S     A S
   Drawings                                A S     A S
   Object anchors                          A S     A S
   Text boundaries                         A S     A S
   Picture placeholders             A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Animated text                    A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Screen Tips                      A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Highlight                        A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Bookmarks                        A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Field codes                      A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Field shading                    A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Tab characters                   A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Spaces                           A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Paragraph marks                  A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Optional hyphens                 A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Hidden text                      A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   All                              A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Vertical ruler                                  A
   Status bar                       A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Horizontal scroll bar            A S    A       A S     A S     A S
   Vertical scroll bar              A S    A S     A S     A S     A S
   Wrap to window                   A S    A               A S     A S
   Enlarge fonts less than                 A
   Style area width                 A S                    A S     A S

NOTE: Master document view uses the same view options as outline view.

To access the view options, follow these steps:

  1. On the View menu, click the name of the view you want.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  3. Click the View tab and then click to select the options you want.
  4. Click OK.


For more information about view options, click the Office Assistant, type "view options," click Search, and then click to view "Change the view options."

NOTE: If the Assistant is hidden, click the Office Assistant button on the Standard toolbar. If Microsoft Help is not installed on your computer, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

120802 Office: How to Add/Remove a Single Office Program or Component

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