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Microsoft KB Archive/173301

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PRB: Distortion Occurs When Creating Beveled Edges on Letters

PSS ID Number: Q173301 Article last modified on 09-02-1997




The information in this article applies to:

  • Softimage 3D for IRIX, version 3.7
  • == Softimage 3D for Windows NT, version 3.7 ==


If you use the Extrude/Bevel function to extrude letters, it causes distortions on the corners of the polygonal-objects.


The Extrusion/Bevel function does not perform the operation as specified.


Use Surface > Bevel or > HrcBevel to eliminate problems. This custom effect allows you to define the shape of the extrusion of curves and faces, such as alphabetic letters.

When you create the spline for the extrusion shape, draw it in the Front window, and use the negative x-axis as the direction of the normals of your splines to be extruded:


——____———- / | | |

The above will create a bevel toward the inside of each letter. If your spline starts at 0,0,0 and goes on the positive y-axis, the bevel will start by creating a border of the letter spline, and then move out toward the normals direction. The resulting geometry will be polygons, and each letter will have three objects: front face, back face and the extruded section. Merge them together to reduce the number of objects in your schematic.


The Surface > Bevel custom effect was designed as a workaround for the Surface > Extrusion command.


SOFTIMAGE 3D Reference Guide: I to Z, Appendices page 1365.

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Keywords : kbgraphic kbtshoot Version : IRIX:3.7; WINDOWS NT:3.7 Platform : IRIX NT WINDOWS Issue type : kbprb ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.