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XADM: Tracking Log Field Descriptions

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Article Last Modified on 10/28/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Standard Edition

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Tracking logs are created when message tracking is enabled on a Microsoft Exchange component. These logs can be read and edited by any text editor. The logs are tab delimited and can be loaded into spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. You can also write an application to interpret message-tracking logs.


Tracking logs are located in \Exchsrvr\Tracking.log. Each daily log is named by the date it was created (yyyymmdd.log format). The filename date, like all times in the tracking log, is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The following table defines the fields in the tracking logs:

Field #           Field Name                  Description
=======           ==========                  ===========

1             Message ID or MTS-ID        Message ID is a unique
                                          identifier assigned to the
                                          message by Microsoft Exchange
                                          Server. It stays with the message
                                          from its origination to delivery
                                          or transfer from the network.

                                          Messages from foreign systems
                                          include a message transfer
                                          system-ID (MTS-ID) that
                                          uniquely identifies the
                                          message transfer component
                                          that transported the message.

2             Event Number                Represents the event type.

3             Date/Time                   Date and time of the event in

4             Gateway Name                Name of the gateway or the
                                          connector that generated the
                                          event. If no gateway was
                                          involved, the field is blank.

5             Partner Name                Name of the messaging service
                                          associated with the event.
                                          In Microsoft Exchange Server,
                                          the partner is the MTA or the
                                          information store.

6             Remote ID                   The message ID used by the

7             Originator                  Distinguished name of the

                                          originating mailbox, if known.
8             Priority                    Priority set by the sender.

                                          0  = Normal
                                          1  = High
                                          -1 = Low

9             Length                      Message length in bytes.

10            Seconds                     Transport time in seconds.

                                          Not used by Microsoft Exchange
                                          Server. The value in this
                                          field is 0 or blank.

11            Cost                        Cost per second for message

                                          Not used by Microsoft Exchange
                                          Server. The value in this
                                          field is always 1.

12       Subject-ID or Report MTS-ID This field is blank (empty) for
                                          normal messages. For reports its
                                          value is the Report MTS-ID.

13            Recipients                  Numbers of recipients.

14            Recipient Name              Distinguished name of the
                                          recipient of the message or
                                          a proxy address.

                                          This field is separated from
                                          the previous field by a linefeed.

                                          The field is repeated for each

15            Recipient Report Status     A number representing the
                                          result of an attempt to
                                          deliver a report to the

                                          Delivered = 0
                                          Not delivered = 1

                                          This is used only for reports.
                                          On other events, it will be
                                          blank. This field is repeated
                                          for each recipient.

This information can also be found in the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide on pages 138 and 139.

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