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Microsoft KB Archive/172996

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Article ID: 172996

Article Last Modified on 6/25/2007


  • Microsoft Excel 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q172996


Microsoft Excel 97 SR-1 corrects a number of problems in Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows. Many of these problems are documented in articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. This article contains a list of all of the articles that discuss problems that are corrected in Microsoft Excel 97 SR-1.



Summary List for Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows, Service Release 1

159465 XL97: "Module Not Found" Error Opening Workbook

159679 XL97: "Illegal Operation" Opening a Non-Microsoft Excel File

159832 XL97: Inserting Second Trendline into Chart Halts MS Excel

159861 XL97: Set Window Caption Changes Caption for Active Window

162047 XL97: Cutting and Pasting Cells Causes Invalid Page Fault

162474 XL97: DFunctions Return Errors When Database Has Too Many Rows

163049 XL97: Illegal Operation Using Chart Wizard

163271 XL97: Error Appears or View Not Retained Printing Reports

163542 XL97: Calculation Problems with Arrays in Custom Functions

164024 XL97: Printing Problem When Print Titles Contain Borders

164316 XL97: Data in Hidden Columns Is Not Deleted

164570 XL97: Using Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDFWriter with MS Excel 97

165134 XL97: Analysis ToolPak Functions Return #VALUE!

165205 XL97: Ejecting Removable Media Causes Excel Page Fault

165568 XL97: Links in Microsoft Excel 4.0 Workbooks Are Incorrect

166287 XL97: "Unhandled Exception in Mso97.dll" When Using XlCoerce

166461 XL97: ROW And COLUMN Functions Are Not Recalculated

166467 XL97: MRU Displays UNC Path to File on Mapped Drive

168199 XL97: Workbook Protected/Saved with a Password Is Saved Slowly

168200 XL97: Saving Worksheet in MS Excel 2.1 Format May Change Data

168237 XL97: Line Chart with Smoothed Line Selected May Cause Error

168561 XL97: How to Programmatically Save a Worksheet as HTML

168563 XL97: Problems When Using Different Print Quality for Sheets

169177 XL97: Error Message Appears Formatting Chart Data Labels

169720 XL97: Data Table May Not Be Recalculated

170308 XL97: User-Defined Function with Application.Run Returns #VALUE!

170648 XL97: Custom Toolbars Are Lost After Uninstalling Add-In

170740 XL97: Error Running SQLRetrieve with Embedded Chart

171026 XL97: Page Fault Pasting Array Formula Between Workbooks

171216 XL97: Error Opening Password-Protected File with Merged Cells

171217 XL97: "System Error &H80070057" Message Opening Add-In

171218 XL97: Error Filling Large Numbers of Array Formulas

171237 XL97: Conditional Format Reapplied After Inserting Cut Cells

171238 XL97: Module Sheet Tab Visible After Saving in 5.0/95 Format

171239 XL97: MS Excel Does Not Resume Calculation After Halting

171278 XL97: Problems When Macro Opens/Saves Text Files with Dates

171279 XL97: Number Formats Lost Error Opening HTML File

171309 XL97: Macro Error When You Use GET.TOOLBAR Command

171313 XL97: Exploded Slice of 3-D Pie Chart Appears Incorrectly

171314 XL97: ErrMsg to Fix Formula When Comma Is Decimal Separator

171334 XL97: Undoing "Merge and Center" Causes Page Fault or Hang

171362 XL97: Error Message Calculating Custom Function in Formula Bar

171405 XL97: Error Closing Workbooks That Contain DDE Links

171463 XL97: "Features Not Supported" Error Message Saving Workbook

171469 XL97: Lotus Macro Interpreter Menus May Not Work as Expected

171661 XL97: Macro Virus Warning Appears Opening File Without Macros

171720 XL97: Print Area in Custom View from Earlier Version Is Lost

171726 XL97: Worksheet Displays Incorrect Values After Calculation

171898 XL97: Defined Names Display #REF! After Clicking Undo

172066 XL97: Calculation Stops at Zero Percent or Occurs Very Slowly

172103 XL97: Unexpected Results Using the Caller Property in a Menu

172304 XL97: Cannot Use User-Defined Function in Demand-Loaded Add-in

173392 XL97: Hyperlink Does Not Work or Open in Separate Window

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