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Money 98: What’s New in Money 98

PSS ID Number: Q172942 Article last modified on 04-07-1999




The information in this article applies to:

  • == Microsoft Money 98 ==


This article describes the new features in Microsoft Money 98.


New Features in Money 98

  • Multimedia Product and Feature Tours: Money 98 includes three multimedia tours. Sit back and watch a tour of Money 98, online features, and the Goal Planner!
  • The Money Home Screen: Money Home is the center of your finances. See the latest Internet headlines, a personalized financial profile, a summary of Advisor FYI, and more.
  • The Goal Planner: The Goal Planner in Money 98 is a set of tools designed to help you save enough to make ends meet and accomplish your lifetime goals. This groundbreaking new feature creates forecasts of your finances, taking into consideration your income, goals, savings and investments, budget, and debt.
  • The Advisor FYI: Receive personalized financial guidance about the state of your finances and how you’re using Money from Advisor FYI, an intelligent advisor. Based on principles suggested by financial experts, the Advisor FYI suggests ways to more effectively manage your money and directs you to areas of the Money software that can help you.
  • Money Insider: Get an education on personal finance. Over 100 articles written by experts, plus Home Inventory, Home, Loan, and Tax worksheets.

New Features for Accounts

  • Support for Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs).
  • Linking of Loan Accounts to Asset Accounts: You can link your loan accounts to the corresponding asset for a more accurate net worth.
  • Account Groups define the purpose of your accounts for the Goal Planner. You can reassign Account Groups in Account Details.
  • Unlimited accounts, payees, and categories.

New Features for Investments

  • MSN Investor Integration: Get extended quotes; use built-in links to Investor features, such as automatic news updates and icon alerts when there’s news about your portfolio; Investment Finder; and Research Central. A six-month subscription to Investor is included.
  • Support for lots and short sells.
  • Brokerage Statement Download: Download your brokerage statements just as you can download your bank statements.
  • New Views: See your holdings, performance, quotes, fundamentals, positions, and portfolio value.

New Reports

  • The Monthly Report: Details this month’s spending, shows you how your spending and income this month affected your overall finances, summarizes Advisor FYI for the month, summarizes investment performance, tells you about potential problems with your accounts, and previews next month.
  • The Net Worth Over Time Report: Shows your net worth over the past year.

New Features for Quicken Conversion

  • Support for Quicken 6.0 files.
  • Support for lots and short sells.
  • Support for international conversions.
  • Supports VAT amounts and currency types for each type of account.

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