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Microsoft KB Archive/172846

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Article ID: 172846

Article Last Modified on 12/10/2003


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Learning Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition

This article was previously published under Q172846


This article lists the locations of all the readme files (readme.txt and readme.wri) included with the different editions of Visual Basic. The readme files contain additional information about Visual Basic components.

NOTE: The Control Creation edition of Visual Basic does not have any readme.txt or readme.wri files.


Each section contains a list of readme files shipped with the specified editions of Visual Basic.

All Editions of Visual Basic

   Title                                            Location
   Distributed Com (DCOM) for Windows 95         \Tools\Dcom95
   Help Compiler Workshop                        \Tools\Hcw
   IDGEN-tools for generating globally unique    \Tools\Idgen
   Image Edit                                    \Tools\ImagEdit
   Mastering Series Training Sampler             \Tools\Msd
   Microsoft Internet Explorer                   \Tools\Msie
   Microsoft Windows NT 3.51                     \Tools\Nt351sp5.a
      U.S. Service Pack 5
   Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 2       \Tools\Nt40.sp2
   Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0                    Root
   Registration Utilities                        \Tools\Regutils
   Resource Compiler                             \Tools\Resource
   Localized Versions of Setup.exe               \Tools\Stoolkit
   Microsoft Dialog Automation Objects           \Tools\Unsupprt\Dlgobj
   Visual Basic Code Profiler                    \Tools\Unsupprt\Vbcp
   ODBC Directory                                \Vb\Odbc

Enterprise and Professional Editions Only

   Title                                            Location
   ActiveX Controls                              \Tools\Controls
   License Package Authoring Tool                \Tools\Lpk_tool
   MFC version 4.2                               \Tools\Mfc42
   ODBC Spy                                      \Tools\Odbcspy
   OLE Messaging                                 \Tools\Olemsg
   Time Card Sample                              \Tools\Olemsg\Timecard.cli
   OLE Tools                                     \Tools\OleTools
   Pspy.exe                                      \Tools\Pspy
   Process Viewer                                \Tools\Pview
   Spy++                                         \Tools\Spy
   Template Manager                              \Tools\Unsupprt\Tmplmgr
   Working Set Viewer                            \Tools\Unsupprt\Wsview
   Microsoft Repository 1.0                      \Vb\Repostry

Enterprise Edition Only

   Title                                            Location
   Microsoft Visual Database Tools               \Tools\DataTools
   Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 2       \Tools\TSQL\Sql65.sp2
   T-SQL Debugging Server Setup                  \Tools\Tsql\Srvsetup
   Microsoft, Visual SourceSafe                  \Vss
   Visual SourceSafe 4.0a (16-bit)               \Vss\Ss_16Bit

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