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Microsoft KB Archive/172844

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Article Last Modified on 11/8/2001


  • Microsoft ActiMates Interactive Barney

This article was previously published under Q172844


ActiMates Barney has sensors in his eyes, hands, and feet that let you choose the whether Barney plays a game or sings a song.

Wake Barney Up (turn him "on")

To wake Barney up, squeeze one of his hands or feet. He'll say a greeting when he wakes up.

Play A Game

Squeeze one of Barney's hands, and he'll play a game! To play a different game, just squeeze his hand again. There are 12 games in all.

Sing A Song

Squeeze one of Barney's feet, and he'll sing a song! To go to the next song, just squeeze his foot again. If you squeeze both feet at the same time, Barney will sing through all 17 songs in his repertoire.

Play Peekaboo

Cover Barney's eyes, and he'll play peekaboo!

Sing The "Clean-Up" Song

This is Barney's "Parent feature"! Squeeze both of Barney's hands at the same time, and he'll sing the "Clean-Up" song. This song encourages children to clean up their toys when they've finished playing.

Put Barney To Sleep (turn him "off")

Barney goes to sleep on his own if no one is playing with him. To put Barney to sleep immediately, squeeze a hand and a foot at the same time. Barney will say "Good night" before he goes to sleep. When Barney is sleeping, he is powered down (turned off) so as not to use up the batteries.

NOTE: You can also use Barney with ActiMates-compatible Barney videos or CD-ROM titles, if you've purchased the Microsoft ActiMates TV Pack or PC Pack. The ActiMates TV and PC Packs are sold separately at your retail outlet.


The sensors in Barney's feet are in both of his middle toes, so be sure to squeeze his middle toe whenever you squeeze a foot.

Barney's eyes are light-sensitive and adjust to changes in lighting. However, sudden light changes, such as moving into a dark room, passing under a shadow in direct sunlight, or passing under direct incandescent lighting, may cause Barney to start playing peekaboo.

For information about the games ActiMates Barney plays, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

172838 ActiMates Barney: Games Barney Plays

For information about the songs ActiMates Barney sings, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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Page 3 of the Interactive Barney "Getting Started" manual.

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