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Microsoft KB Archive/172231

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Sliding Skip Bar & Buttons Not Available to Search NetShow Clips


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft NetShow version 2.0


When you try to skip ahead on a NetShow clip, the sliding skip bar and buttons are not available.


If you use the Real Time Encoder or the NetShow Server to archive a live show in the ASF format, by default it will not have an index and will not be searchable.

When an ASF file is not searchable, you cannot Fast Forward or rewind using the slider control. You will always start at the beginning of the clip, will not be able to pause the playback, and will force the user to watch the file all of the way through from beginning to end to see all of the content.


You can use Asfchop.exe to make a file searchable. For example,

   asfchop -in C:\Test1.asf -out c:\seekable.asf. 

Specify the input and output files; you do not need to specify any other command arguments.

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Last Reviewed: June 23, 1999
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