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Microsoft KB Archive/172213

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Article ID: 172213

Article Last Modified on 5/16/2000


  • MSPRESS Microsoft SQL Server Training

This article was previously published under Q172213


This article contains comments, corrections, and information on known errors relating to the Microsoft Press book Microsoft SQL Server Training, ISBN 1-55615-930-7.


  • Product ID for Microsoft SQL Server
  • CD-ROM: System requirements
  • Edits to pg. xxxii & 25 for use with Evaluation Copy of SQL
  • Page 17: Typographical Error In Diagram
  • Page 319: Results Do Not Match Steps
  • Page 494: DBCC_MEMUSAGE return values
  • Page 731: Example incorrect. Should use 'out' option


Product ID for Microsoft SQL Server

In the second screen of the Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Evaluation Edition installation, the customer is asked to provide a name, company, and product ID from the Microsoft SQL Server box.

The product ID field is optional, and should be left blank. The installation should continue without a problem.

Full directions for installing the evaluation copy of Microsoft SQL Server are available in Volume 1, Chapter 2, "Installing SQL Server." Page 37 gives specific directions for this screen.

CD-ROM: System Requirements

In order to use the practice files included with the Microsoft SQL Server Training Kit, you must have a computer equipped with the following:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server (version 3.51 or later)
  • 300 MB free hard disk space
  • 16 MB of RAM (32 MB for replication)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Network adapter card
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows NT (32-bit version)

Additionally, you will need Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. A trial copy of Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 is distributed with the Microsoft SQL Server Training Kit. However, this trial copy will cease to run after 120 days.

Certain files included on the CD-ROM, such as the animated demonstrations and the Knowledge Base articles may run on other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0. However, you will not be able to complete the practice sessions listed in the training kit.

Corrections to Pg. xxxii & 25 for Evaluation Copy of Microsoft SQL Server

An evaluation copy of Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 is included on the CD-ROM accompanying this book. While this evaluation copy will work with all the practice files, certain limitations of the evaluation copy must be noted:

  • The software will cease functioning after 120 days.
  • The software will only allow 128 client connections.
  • The software does not include separate installation files for MIPS and Alpha computers. Installation of the evaluation software to these platforms may not be successful.

For more information on these limitations, please read page xxxii.

Page xxxii, after paragraph 1:
Add the following text:
"Note: The evaluation copy of SQL Server included on the CD-ROM that comes with this book may not be compatible with MIPS and Alpha-Based Machines. Registered copies of SQL Server are compatible with all four platforms."

Page 17: Typographical Error in Diagram

Page 17, diagram, 2nd table heading:
Change: "juvinile"
To: "juvenile"

Page 319: Results Do Not Match Steps

The SELECT statement mentioned in step 2 will create a list of over 200 entries. To create the list shown at the bottom, write and execute a SELECT statement that selects the member number and name for members 300 and 301.

Page 319, step 2, sentence 1:
Change: "for members 300 and 500 whether or not..."
To: "for members 300 and 301 whether or not..."

Page 494: DBCC_MEMUSAGE Return Values

Page 494, bullet 3, sentence 1:
Change: "How much memory is used by the 12 largest objects..." To: "How much memory is used by the 20 largest objects..."

Page 731: Example Incorrect

The following example command is printed on page 731 of Microsoft SQL Server Training Kit (volume 2):

The following example transfers data from the testtable table in the testpubs database to a file named TRANSFER.BCP.

bcp testpubs..testtable in D:\TRANSFER.BCP /c /t"," /r \n /e D:\TRANSFER.ERR /m100 /b500 /a4096 /Usa /Scrserver

This example command line will produce the following error message:

Bcp: Unable to open host data-file.

The out option copies to a file from the database table or view, and should be used instead of "in" for this example. The example should read (with all other parameters the same):

bcp testpubs..testtable out D:\TRANSFER.BCP...

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