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Money 98: Guidelines for Home Banking

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The information in this article applies to:

  • == Microsoft Money 98 ==


This article contains guidelines for using Home Banking services within one Money 98 data file.


Your bank can offer Home Banking Services through one of three possible service providers:

  • CheckFree
  • VISA InterActive (VISA)
  • Open Financial Connectivity (OFC)

Money 98 has the following policies for Home Banking in one file:

  1. One Bank Online Provider per Bank. Each bank may have one banking Provider set up. All accounts at that bank use that one provider for banking. This may be a different provider than used for bill payment. Therefore, multiple Online Providers may be used in one file.
  2. One Bill Payment Provider per Bank. For any given bank, the bill payment provider and the banking provider may be different. Therefore, multiple Online Providers may be used in one file.

NOTE: Although you may have set up online Bill Payment at one bank, you still have to go through Setup if you want to use that service at another bank.

  1. Only one Quotes Online Provider per file.

  2. Multiple ActiveStatement Providers per Account.

  3. Payments and Transfers live in an account. All e-pays, a-pays,and xfers are tied to an account in Money. From this account, Money can determine the Bank. And from the Bank, Money can determine the provider that applies to the transaction. The account of an e-pay, a-pay, or xfer must be known before any on-line processing of that transaction may be done.

  4. Service provider capabilities are stored per bank. Since financial institutions may choose to offer different services, the capabilities are tracked for each financial institution.

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