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Microsoft KB Archive/171752

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FP1: Illegal Character in Hard Disk Name Causes Error


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FrontPage for the Power Macintosh, version 1.0


When you attempt to create a Web, you receive the following error message

Cannot create the folder, <hard disk name>:<Web location folder>

where <hard disk name> is the name of your hard disk and <Web location folder> is the name of the folder that contains the Web content.


This error occurs if the hard disk name contains an illegal character. Valid characters include any alphanumeric character, the hyphen (-), or the underscore (_).


Rename the hard disk using the following steps:

  1. Open the Sharing Setup Control Panel (the File Sharing Control Panel if you are using Macintosh System Software, version 8).
  2. Under File Sharing click Stop. Specify how many minutes you want to wait until sharing is disabled, and then click OK. Wait until sharing is disabled.

The Cancel button under File Sharing will change to Start.

  1. Close the Sharing Setup or the File Sharing Control Panel.
  2. Close all open Finder windows.
  3. Click the name of the hard disk icon one time. Remove any illegal characters. Change the hard disk name so that it contains only alphanumeric characters, the hyphen, or the underscore character. Make sure that it does not contain any spaces.
  4. If you want to resume file sharing, open the Sharing Setup or the File Sharing Control Panel.
  5. Under File Sharing, click Start. Wait until file sharing is started and then close the File Sharing or Sharing Setup Control Panel.

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Keywords : kberrmsg kbusage kbdta
Issue type : kbprb
Technology : kbvcSearch

Last Reviewed: July 27, 1999
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