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Microsoft KB Archive/171671

From BetaArchive Wiki

Article ID: 171671

Article Last Modified on 5/9/2005


  • Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects 1.1
  • Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects 1.2
  • Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects 1.21

This article was previously published under Q171671


When attempting to change properties or fields of the AddressEntry object of a Recipient of a message, the property/field changes are not saved.

For example, using the following code, the change to the PR_SEND_RICH_INFO is not saved, as seen in the Details page that is displayed. (See the MORE INFORMATION section below for how the variables are defined.)


Follow these steps to make changes to the AddressEntry object of a recipient of a message. This code may be used to correct the complete code example provided in the MORE INFORMATION section below.

  1. After resolving the recipient, create a new AddressEntry object based on the AddressEntry property of the Recipient:

          Dim objAddress As Mapi.AddressEntry
          Set objAddress = objRecip.AddressEntry
  2. Change the properties or fields on the new AddressEntry object:

          objAddress.Fields(ActMsgPR_SEND_RICH_INFO) = False
  3. Call the Update method of the new AddressEntry object:

  4. Set the AddressEntry property of the Recipient object to the AddressEntry object created in step 1 above:

          objRecip.AddressEntry = objAddress


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

The following code placed in a Visual Basic module will reproduce the problem described in the Symptoms section above. Note that the property change used here for illustration purposes assumes that the default setting of the PR_SEND_RICH_INFO property is True. If the default setting on your system is False, you will want to modify the code below to see the behavior.

    ' Note: This code requires a reference to CDO (1.1, 1.2, 1.21)

    Dim objSession As Session
    Dim objMessage As Mapi.Message
    Dim objRecip As Mapi.Recipient
    Dim objAddress As Mapi.AddressEntry

    ' Create and logon to a MAPI Session
    Set objSession = CreateObject("Mapi.Session")
    objSession.Logon ShowDialog:=True

    ' Create a new message
    Set objMessage = objSession.Outbox.Messages.Add

    ' Create a new recipient on our message
    Set objRecip = objMessage.Recipients.Add
    ' Set the properties of our recipient and resolve to a single address
    objRecip.Name = ""
    objRecip.Type = CdoTo

    ' *** To make this code function as needed, replace this section
    ' *** of code with the corrected code provided in the Resolution
    ' *** section above.
    ' Attempt to set the PR_SEND_RICH_INFO property.
    ' This is the line of code that may need to change, depending on the
    ' default setting on your system.
    objRecip.AddressEntry.Fields(ActMsgPR_SEND_RICH_INFO) = False
    ' Update the AddressEntry object

    ' View the details of the Recipient to confirm changes

    ' Delete the message and Logoff the Session

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