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Microsoft KB Archive/171645

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Article ID: 171645

Article Last Modified on 1/20/2007


  • MSPRESS Microsoft Outlook 97 Step by Step ISBN 1-57231-382-X

This article was previously published under Q171645


This article contains comments, corrections, and information about known errors relating to the Microsoft Press book "Microsoft Outlook 97 Step by Step."

The following topics are covered:

  • Page xxvii: Practice profile/uninstallation corrections
  • Page 5: E-mail message might not appear automatically
  • Page 23: WordMail will change e-mail editor layout
  • Page 94: Web Site Address Out Of Date
  • Page 192: Faxes cannot be recorded in Journal
  • Pages 232-233: Corrections to steps
  • Page 326: Step 6, separators should be semi-colons


Page xxvii: Practice profile/uninstallation corrections

Page xxvii, section "Create a practice personal address book...",
step 1:
Change: "In the path box, select the text "mailbox.pab"..."
To: In the Personal Address Book dialog box, select the text "C:\Exchange\mailbox.pab"...

Add step, same section, between steps 1 and 2:
In the Personal Folders dialog box, select the text "C:\Exchange\mailbox.pst," type shawnd.pst, and then click Next.

Add section to Uninstalling the Practice Files:

Use the following steps to remove the Shawn Davis profile from your Outlook configuration.

  1. Click Start, then click Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Mail icon (or Mail and FAX icon).
  3. Make sure the Services tab is selected, and click Show Profiles.
  4. Make sure the General tab is selected, and click the Shawn Davis profile in the Profiles box.
  5. Click Remove, and then click OK.

Page 5: E-mail message might not appear automatically

The "Welcome to Microsoft Outlook!" message discussed in step 6 on page 4, and shown in the screen shot on this page, may not appear on your screen when you begin the lesson. This will also affect steps 4 and 6 on page 13.

The "Welcome to Microsoft Outlook!" message only appears when you start Microsoft Outlook for the first time. It does not appear when you create a new profile. If you have previously used Microsoft Outlook, this message will not appear in the practice profile.

The same message will also be absent when you perform the steps on page 13. The Inbox will be blank, and you will not be able to perform steps 4 and 6.

Page 23: WordMail will change e-mail editor layout

Page 23 shows a screen capture of the Microsoft Outlook e-mail editor. However, Microsoft WordMail is commonly set as the e-mail editor if Microsoft Word version 8.0 or later is installed.


Page 23: Add the following text below the screen picture:

IMPORTANT If your e-mail editor looks different from the above illustration, you might have WordMail set as your e-mail editor. See page 313 for further information regarding WordMail.

Page 313, below "If WordMail is installed as the e-mail editor":
Replace the first sentence "A previous user may..." with the following:

By default, WordMail is set as the Outlook e-mail editor if Microsoft Word 97 is installed on the computer.

Page 313, bottom Step 1:
Change: 1 On the Tools menu, click Options.
To: 1 In the Outlook window (not an e-mail message), click the Tools menu, and then click Options.

Page 94: Web Site Address Out Of Date


Page 192: Faxes cannot be recorded in Journal

Page 192 of this book states that you can record faxes automatically in the Journal folder in Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, Outlook does not have the capability to automatically record faxes to the Journal.

This documentation error appears in the Outlook help file and the "Getting Results in Microsoft Office 97" book as well. For more information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

162038"OL97: DocErr: Can't Automatically Add Faxes to the Journal."

Page 192, paragraph 2, sentence 2:
Change: "...responses can be recorded automatically; faxes can also be recorded."
To: ...responses can be recorded automatically.

Pages 232-233: Corrections to steps


Page 232, first Step 3:
Remove last sentence: "Your screen should look similar to the following illustration." (There is no illustration.)

Page 232, first Step 7:
Change "C:\MY Documents\mysched.pst"
To C:\My Documents\archive.pst

Page 232, second Step 2:
Change "In the Date Navigator, click a date older than one week ago."
To In the Date Navigator, click the Monday of the previous week.

Page 232:
Delete margin note button "Save and Close" to the right of the second Step 3.

Page 232, Step 4:
Change "You must restart Outlook for the AutoArchive settings to take effect."
To We will restart Outlook later to make the AutoArchive settings take effect.

Page 232, add the following Note below Step 7:

Note: The AutoArchive message might take a few minutes or more to appear, depending on your computer configuration.

Page 233:
Delete Step 9. (When Outlook is restarted, the Inbox folder is shown by default.)

Page 233, before Deleting Expired Messages heading:
Copy the "Reset your computer's system date" section including the three steps on page 236.

Page 233, insert the following tip after Step 8:
TIP To speed up mail delivery, click the Tools menu, then click Check for New Mail.

Page 326, step 6: separators should be semi-colons

In step 6, "Microsoft Outlook 97 Step by Step" asks you to enter a number of items as items in a drop-down menu. Step 6 asks you to separate these items by placing a comma between each one. However, Microsoft Outlook uses semi-colons to separate a list of items.

In some versions of Microsoft Outlook, entering the items as shown in step 6 will fail.


Use semi-colons instead of commas in the list of items to be used in the drop-down menu.

Page 326, step 6:
Change: "...followed by a comma (,), and then..."
To: ...followed by a semi-colon (;), and then... Microsoft Press is committed to providing informative and accurate books. All comments and corrections listed above are ready for inclusion in future printings of this book. If you have a later printing of this book, it may already contain most or all of the above corrections.

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