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Microsoft KB Archive/171625

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Command-line Installation of SNA Server 3.0 and 4.0 Link Services

Article ID: 171625

Article Last Modified on 5/23/2003


  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0

This article was previously published under Q171625


SNA Server versions 3.0 and 4.0 include the new LINKCFG command-line tool to install SNA Server link services. Prior to this release, link service installation could only be performed using the SNA Server 3.0 Manager program, or using the "LINKSET" program to install back-level link services.

The following steps are required to install and use a link service using the SNA Server LINKCFG and SNACFG command-line configuration tools:

  1. Use LINKCFG to install the SNA Server link service. This installs the necessary files in the <snaroot>\system directory, adds the required Windows NT registry settings, and runs the Windows NT network control panel bindings.
  2. Use "SNACFG LINK ..." to define the link service in the SNA Server configuration file.
  3. Use "SNACFG CONNECTION ..." to create a new connection in the configuration file and associate the new link service with the connection.


The following example shows how to use the LINKCFG and SNACFG commands to install a distributed link service:

  1. Installing the remote link service using LINKCFG:

    C:\>linkcfg LINKSVC "SnaRem1" /SERVER:STEVED2
    /LSTYPE:"Distributed Link Service" /REMOTELINKTYPE:TokenRing802.2
    /REMOTELIST:\\truth\snadlc3 /DOMAIN:STEVED2_DOMAIN /USERID:snaservice

    NOTE: This is a single command line. Line breaks are inserted here for readability.

    The above command installs a link service name of "SnaRem1" to server STEVED2 to run under a user account of STEVED2_DOMAIN\snaservice, pointing to a distributed link on \\TRUTH\SNADLC3.
  2. Define the link service to the configuration file using SNACFG:

    C:\>snacfg link STEVED2:SnaRem1 /ADD /LINKTYPE:Token

    The above command defines the SnaRem1 link service to the SNA Server configuration file.
  3. Define a connection to use this link service:

    C:\>snacfg connection TRUTH /ADD /SERVER:STEVED2

    NOTE: This is a single command line. Line breaks are inserted here for readability.

    The above command creates a new connection called TRUTH on STEVED2, and associates the connection to the SnaRem1 link service. Note that the various connection properties will vary depending on the host configuration settings, such as /REMOTENETADDR, /LOCALBLOCKNO, and /LOCALNODENO, though these are included to show a complete example.

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