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Microsoft KB Archive/171159

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Article ID: 171159

Article Last Modified on 12/23/1999


  • Microsoft Word 97 Service Pack 1

This article was previously published under Q171159


The following table lists fixed problems in Microsoft Word 97 for Windows, Service Release 1. For more information about each issue, query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the article identifier (ID). For additional information about SR-1, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

172475 OFF97: How to Obtain and Install MS Office 97 SR-1


Summary List for Word 97 for Windows, Service Release 1

 ID       Article Title

 Q93658   WD:    How to Send Printer Escape Codes from a WinWord Document
 Q152812  WD:    "Feed From Envelope Option" Reset Under NT 3.51
 Q156447  OFF97: OSB Setup and Exiting Behavior Is Different
 Q157228  WD97:  INSERT (INS) Key Doesn't Toggle Insert, Overtype Mode
 Q159880  WD97:  Invalid Page Fault Clicking Check Errors
 Q160915  WD97:  Caption with Chapter Numbering Reset to 1
 Q161524  WD97:  Invalid Page Fault Modifying Numbered Style
 Q162411  OFF97: Page Fault in MSO97 When Printing
 Q162579  WD97:  Linked Picture Doesn't Preserve Scaling Properties
 Q162896  Word Table Borders Displayed Incorrectly in PowerPoint
 Q163057  WD97:  Unable to Change Default Language for New Documents
 Q163813  WD97:  Text Becomes Square Boxes Opening Some International Docs
 Q164338  WD97:  Invalid Page Fault Printing Current Page
 Q164458  WD97:  "The Document May Be Corrupt" Error Editing Master Doc
 Q164830  WD97:  Invalid Page Fault Clearing "Float Over Text" Check Box
 Q166950  WD97:  Can't Fax When Recipient Name Is Blank
 Q167081  OFF97: Opening and Closing Programs or Files May be Slow
 Q167370  WD97:  Word Stops Responding Opening MacWord 5.x File
 Q167617  WD97:  Table Borders Misaligned When Printed to 9-Pin Printer
 Q168059  WD97:  Word 97 Unable to Work as Server for Word 6.0/95 Link
 Q168063  WD97:  LineDraw and Extended Characters May Map Incorrectly
 Q168339  WD97:  IPF Promoting/Demoting Heading Level With Mouse
 Q168560  WD97:  ErrMsg: Invalid Page Fault Editing Picture
 Q168910  WD97:  Crash Saving Document with WordArt to RTF
 Q169530  WD97:  Date/Time Field Doesn't Update to International Version
 Q169547  WD97:  Some OLE Automation Commands Fail with Visual Fox Pro 5.x
 Q169981  WD97:  Addin Field Data Lost in Word 6.0/7.0 Conversion
 Q170211  WD97:  Bullets in Multilevel Numbering Convert to Boxes
 Q170212  WD97:  Cutting Object with Document Map Showing Hangs Word
 Q170265  WD97:  Error Opening Korean Document with Numbering in U.S. Word
 Q170266  WD97:  Extended Characters Fax Incorrectly Using Fax Wizard
 Q170267  WD97:  WordBasic MacroCopy Command Fails
 Q170268  WD97:  Invalid Page Fault Pasting Object From PowerPoint 97
 Q170339  WD97:  Cropped Pictures and Objects Are Resized
 Q170405  WD97:  Changes to Compatibility Options Not Saved in
 Q170406  WD97:  Allow Fast Save Option Not Selected by Default
 Q170411  WD97:  Excel Text Uses Wrong Font When Pasted into Word
 Q170412  WD97:  Word Stops Responding When Previewing Web Page with Wizard
 Q170465  WD97:  Large MS-DOS File Is Damaged When Opened as MS-DOS Text
 Q170466  WD97:  Inline Picture Becomes Red X in Word 6.0/95 Format
 Q170527  WD97:  Objects Print Incorrectly on Non-Square Resolutions
 Q170563  OFF97: How to Prevent Customization of Menus and Toolbars
 Q170564  WD97:  Pictures and Objects Inserted as Inline by Default in SR-1
 Q170873  WD97:  IPF Viewing Name or Path Property on Linked Float Picture
 Q170875  WD97:  IPF Printing Document With Large Merged Cells
 Q170886  WD97:  Smart Quotes Incorrect When Language is Set to French
 Q170887  WD97:  Field Code Becomes Damaged Under Certain Circumstances
 Q170904  WD97:  Inline Picture Inside Text Box Becomes Larger in Word 7.x
 Q170905  WD97:  Envelope Address Moves After Canceling Font Changes
 Q170906  WD97:  Widow/Orphan Setting Not Preserved Saving As Word 6.0/95
 Q170912  WD97:  Font Mapping Converting a RTF File Views and Prints Poorly
 Q170971  WD97:  Links to Floating Pictures Lost Saving as Word 6.0/95 (RTF)
 Q171063  WD97:  Merged Table Cells and Rows Do Not Print Bottom Border
 Q171068  WD97:  Word Uses 100 percent of the CPU While Typing
 Q171071  WD97:  Extended Chars Improperly Converted in ASCII RTF File
 Q172677  WD97:  "Appellant vs. Appellee" Added to Pleading Wizard
 Q172678  WD97:  Changes in Word SR-1 Spelling and Thesaurus

In addition to the fixes or improvements listed above, the following problems were corrected in the indicated converters that ship with Microsoft Word 97 Service Release 1.

HTML32.CNV - For importing and exporting HTML documents in Word

  • Two Images Generated After Running Visual Basic for Applications Macro
  • Memory Lost Converting Some HTML Files
  • Not Importing White Space After Graphics
  • Garbage Characters in Large Tables in Low Memory Situations
  • Spacing Around Object Exporting Incorrectly
  • Hyperlinks Exported from the HTML Converter Are Imported as URL, Not with the Friendly Text
  • HTML Ordered List Always Displays Left Aligned

MSWRD832.CNV - Used by Word 7.0 to Read Word 97 Documents (Import Only)

  • Cell Border Converts Poorly
  • Page Fault Opening Word 97 File with Text Box, Square Wrap
  • IPF Opening Document with Numbering Without Text Before
  • IPF Opening a File with a Footnote That Ends with Multiple Bookmarks

For more information about the converter updates in Microsoft Word 97 Service Release 1, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

171608 WD97: Text Converter Updates in Service Release 1

Additional query words: SR1 release1 8.0 8.00

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