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Microsoft KB Archive/170980

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ACC97: How to Output Horizontal Lines on Report Using OutputTo

Article ID: 170980

Article Last Modified on 1/20/2007


  • Microsoft Access 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q170980

Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.


If you output the data in a report, the only controls that are included in the output file are text boxes (for .xls output files), or text boxes and labels (for .rtf, .txt, and .html output files). All other controls are ignored.

This article demonstrates how you can output the lines in your report by using the String() function.


The String() function returns the number of characters you specify for the string. To be able to output lines in a report using the OutputTo() function, use the String() function as follows:

  1. Open the report to which you want to add the lines in Design view.
  2. Create an unbound text box, and place it on the report in the position where you want to have the line appear. Widen the text box to the length you would like the line to be.

    NOTE: Delete the label portion of the text box if you do not want it to appear in the report.
  3. In the ControlSource property of the text box, type the following

    =String(<number>, <character>)

    where <number> is the length of the string and <character> is the repeating character string you are using.

    For example, to print a total of 125 dashes (-)across a report, type the following in the ControlSource property:

  4. Switch the report to Preview to make sure the line appears where you want it.
  5. Close and save the report.
  6. Create a module and type the following procedure:

          Sub MyOutPutTo()
             DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "<ReportName>", acFormatTXT, _
          End Sub

    NOTE: For <ReportName>, substitute the name of your report, and for <OutPutFileName>, substitute the name for your output file.

  7. Run the procedure from the Debug window. Note that the report is output with the lines.


For more information about the String() function, search the Help Index for "String function," or ask the Microsoft Access 97 Office Assistant.

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