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INFO: Buglist for Visual Basic 5.0 for Windows - 18-June-97


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic Learning Edition for Windows, version 5.0
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Professional Edition for Windows, version 5.0
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Enterprise Edition for Windows, version 5.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 97


This single article lists the unfixed bugs in Visual Basic version 5.0 for Windows. Each of these bugs is completely described in an article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. The article identification numbers (Qnumbers) and titles are listed below. For more information on any of these bugs, please see the complete article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

A similar article lists the fixed bugs. To get both these lists, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:



NOTE: To get one of the following articles from Microsoft's Web site, use the URL:

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----------  --------------------------------------------------------------
Q150222     BUG: Graph Control Does Not Print When DrawMode is Set to 5
Q162742     BUG: Setup Fails When Directory Named is >237 Characters
Q166286     BUG: Books Online Index Search Field Finds Incorrect Topic
Q166908     BUG: ScaleMode for Printer Object Can't Create Custom Scale
Q166929     BUG: DBCombo Control Change Event Does Not Fire

Q167106     BUG: Rich Text Box Control Does Not Word Wrap
Q167107     BUG: Missing Controls on the SSTAB Control Tabs
Q167156     BUG: OLEISAPI2 Missing from Visual Basic 5.0 CD-ROM
Q167165     BUG: Too Many Controls on a Form May Crash Visual Basic IDE
Q167213     BUG: Invalid Page Fault When Shutting Down Visual Basic 5.0

Q167346     BUG: GPF Occurs When Starting Visual Basic 5.0
Q167706     BUG: Internet Transfer Control 5.0 "POST" Request Doesn't Work
Q167735     BUG: Setting Printer to Item in the Printers Collection Fails
Q167839     BUG: PopupMenu on Modal Form Not Displayed
Q168208     BUG: StillExecuting Is True After Async Execution Completes

Q168290     BUG: GPF When Setting Font of Multi-selected Controls
Q168414     BUG: Binary Compatibility Leaves Source File in Open State
Q168554     BUG: Resource Drain with PictureBox on Form
Q168766     BUG: Internet Transfer Control Fails on Case-Sensitive Server
Q168792     BUG: Statusbar Time Panel May Not Update Properly

Q168824     BUG: Setting ComboBox Control Text in Click Event Wipes Out
Q168850     BUG: MDIChild Form Not Brought to Front with Show Method
Q169611     BUG: OLE AutoActivate Property Fails When Set To "1 - GotFocus" 

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