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Why Do I Get a Lot of Buffering When I View Clip on the Internet?


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  • Microsoft NetShow version 2.0


I get a lot of buffering when I view a clip on the Internet.


The NetShow client is enabled for TCP and HTTP streaming with UDP disabled by default. When your traffic traverses a congested Internet segment, the stream may not be have the appropriate bandwidth needed to stream.


In the case of a TCP connection, the data that is held in the client buffer will be used to supplement the stream until the buffer is depleted. Once the buffered data is gone, the client will pause, entering the "buffering" state. The buffer will be replenished, and the client will resume playing again using this buffer to supplement the play back stream bandwidth. This cycle will continue until network conditions improve.

If you select the UDP option in the Advanced Properties dialog box, it will reduce the amount of buffering seen and adversely affect the data being dropped in cases of high congestion or insufficient bandwidth being available.

Using a different Point of Presence (POP) or dial-up number and/or ISP can reduce these types of problems.

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