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SNA Server's Use of SNASERV, COMLOGS, and COMCFG Sharenames

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Article Last Modified on 5/6/2005


  • Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft SNA Server 2.0
  • Microsoft SNA Server 2.1
  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0
  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0

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When installing Microsoft SNA Server, version 2.0, 2.1, 2.11, 3.0, or 4.0, the Setup program creates the following sharenames on Windows NT Server:

   Sharename   Path

   COMCFG      <snaroot>\SYSTEM\CONFIG
   COMLOGS     <snaroot>\SYSTEM
   SNASERV     <snaroot>

Under SNA Server 2.x, only the COMCFG sharename is required by SNA Server. The SNASERV and COMLOGS sharenames were provided to support back-level emulation products originally designed to work with the DCA/Microsoft OS/2 Communication Server product. However, such products have all been updated to work with SNA Server and no longer make use of these sharenames.

Under SNA Server 3.0, both the COMCFG and COMLOGS sharenames are required by SNA Server.


SNA Server uses these sharenames/sharepoints as follows:


This sharename must exist on SNA Server "primary" and "backup" configuration servers and contains the COM.CFG file. The COM.CFG file is where SNA Server configuration information is kept for the SNA Server subdomain. This sharename is required by SNA Server 2.x and 3.x components to read and maintain SNA Server configuration settings.

COMLOGS (<snaroot>\SYSTEM)

Not used by SNA Server 2.x. Under SNA Server 3.0, SNA Manager uses this sharepoint to support remote installation of SNA Server 3.0 link services.

SNASERV (<snaroot>)

Not used by either SNA Server version 2.11, 3.0, or 4.0 and can be removed if needed.

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