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INFO: Where to Get Developer Support for VBA5 SDK

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic programming system for Windows, version 1.0 on the following platforms: Alpha, NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, x86


This article explains where to get technical support for third-party developers who are integrating Visual Basic, Applications Edition, v1.0 into their own host applications.


Microsoft is now licensing its Visual Basic for Applications 5.0 (VBA5) technology to third-party developers. These developers can integrate VBA5 into their own applications in the same way that Microsoft Office 97 applications do. This allows their applications to be completely customized by a Visual Basic programmer working in the VBA development environment.

Integration involves intensive work with C/C++ and OLE. To assist developers with this process, Microsoft provides a VBA5 SDK. It contains required software libraries, source files, DLLs, a test kit, re-distributable files, a Failsafe Install program, and API documentation and integration guides. An included sample, TTHost, walks developers through the various steps required to integrate VBA into a host application successfully.

Microsoft has authorized two Sales Agents, Mystic River Software and Summit Software Company, to handle the licensing and technical support for all the other licensees. The VBA5 SDK is available only through these Sales Agents.

If asked, here are the addresses and phone numbers for the VARs:

  • Summit Software Company 4933 Jamesville Road Jamesville, NY 13078-9428 Telephone: 315-445-9000 Fax: 315-445-9567
  • Mystic River Software 142 North Road Sudbury, MA 01776 Telephone: 508-371-1100 Fax: 508-371-1818

For information about how to license VBA5, product features, logo programs, press releases, links to Summit Software Company and Mystic River Software web sites, as well as other useful information, please refer callers to the Visual Basic for Applications home page on the Microsoft web site:

For all developer support questions related to integrating VBA5 into a host application, please refer callers to their Sales Agents for resolution.

For questions about VBA5 syntax or usage, or for questions about how to program a specific host application, please refer callers to the software vendor for assistance.

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