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  • Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest

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This article provides the clues and answers to the Rainforest Toolbox questions in Magic School Bus (MSB) Explores the Rainforest.


The information is this article is organized as follows: the item to be found, the four clues for the item, and where to go in MSB Explores the Rainforest to find the item.

Go to the Toolbox to get clues. To hear a clue, click the green buttons with the red numbers on them located to the left of the clue description. Each clue listed below is the text of what Ms. Frizzle says when you request a new clue in the Toolbox.

Rain Cloud

  1. It's something the Rainforest can't do without, like gas in a car. It makes the Rainforest go.
  2. The leaves of the trees are designed to get rid of these. They're not hard to catch if you can guess where to find these elusive drops.
  3. It's the rainforest's first name. Find a puddle where it collects, and you can collect a bioclone for our kit.
  4. Even in a Sunny Garden it rains sun-times!

Answer: Find the rain cloud in the puddle in the Sunny Garden.


  1. Some places they go might seem to be risky. They're out on a limb, where they love to be frisky.
  2. This is one swinging bunch that likes to branch out. Catch them if you can.
  3. These quick critters share their first name with an eight-legged web spinner.
  4. Can it be you'll find these animals in the canopy?

Answer: Find the Spider Monkey in the Canopy or Figs and Frogs.


  1. For some creatures, hanging out means hiding out, and the best thing is to see but not be seen.
  2. Look around the Rainforest and see if you can find a leaf that's not quite a leaf.
  3. Maybe my friend Katy didn't get named after this bug. Or, maybe she did.
  4. Seek this Rainforest insect in the part of the Understory where mimicry and camouflage are a way of life!

Answer: Find the Katydid in Mimicry and Camouflage sitting on the vine on the ground.

Sloth Dung

  1. Everybody does it and it's every animal's way of giving something back to the environment. It may be yucky to some, but for the Rainforest it's a fertilizing feast.
  2. The sloth ate lunch and left a treasure behind. Go ahead, bioclone it in the Rainforest.
  3. You may think it's not much, but some tree is happy for the donation.
  4. You might not want to step in this fertile pile, but you can bioclone it in the Understory.

Answer: Find the Sloth Dung, on the left side of the Understory, under a pile of leaves to the right of the Toolbox.


  1. Use the Biocloner to inspect for an industrious member of the Rainforest's ruling class.
  2. You might call them pests at a picnic, but in the Rainforest these hard workers are pretty productive.
  3. When these small creatures say cut it out, they mean cut it out of a leaf.
  4. This leaf cutting family has some uncles and lots and lots of... ants. Look around, you might find them "Near the Ground".

Answer: Find the Leaf Cutter Ant on the left side of the Understory or Down Near the Ground.


  1. When the moon is high in the sky, and it's night, lots of animals come out to play. One of them would be a spectacular addition to your Rainforest toolbox.
  2. Whoo could it be who hunts by night and sleeps by day? Whoo will be the one to find it for the Rainforest Toolbox? Will it be yooooo?
  3. This winged predator is a hoot and she sometimes makes a spectacle of herself.
  4. Owl tell you what--this is some owl!

Answer: Find the Owl on the left side of the Understory or Down Near the Ground.


  1. Lots of rain adds up to become a very special path through the Rainforest ecosystem.
  2. It's got no feet but it keeps on running! You'll need to get wet in the Rainforest to find it.
  3. There's something fishy going on there! Get wet, get muddy--it will bring you one step closer to having a complete Rainforest Toolbox.
  4. It's got no money, but it has two banks! Get a sample of it in the Understory.

Answer: Find the River Water on the right side of the Understory and the River scene.


  1. Find the treesure that gets by with some help from its little friends.
  2. When a light gap opens up, this is one of the first trees to use the light. Can you find this tree's leaf?
  3. Strangler vines "leaf" this tree alone.
  4. This tree has ant watchdogs that chase away other insects and kill strangling vines. Root around in the Treefall Gap for a leaf from this tree.

Answer: Find the Cecropia Leaf in the main Treefall Gap where fern-like leaves are overlapping the fallen tree on the lower right of the screen.

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