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Microsoft KB Archive/170094

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Article ID: 170094

Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


  • Microsoft Commercial Internet System 1.0 Service Pack 2

This article was previously published under Q170094


The sync task scripts included in Membership Broker System (MBS) and noted in step 2 of the "Creating a publication" process on page 129 of the MBS documentation, will fail if Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 2 is installed prior to performing the step.


Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 2 corrects a problem that was worked around in the existing MBS sync task script files.


The following information should used in place of the MBS documentation if SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 2 has been installed:

Installing SQL Replication

The replication schema can be divided into three basic parts: Distribution, Publisher, Subscriber.

For this set of instructions, we will assume that A is the publishing computer which will also serve as the distribution computer and that B is the subscribing computer.

Setting up Distribution:

You must install distribution server before you can perform the rest of replication setup.

On computer A:

  1. Ensure that your memory capacity has been expanded to a minimum of 8192 On the Server menu, click Configuration.
  2. Create a Device and Log Device for the distribution database.
  3. Install the distribution server. On the Server menu, click Replication Configuration, and then click Install Publishing.

When these steps are complete you should receive a dialog box that says:

   Replication Publishing has been successfully installed.
   Do you wish to add publishing databases and Subscribers
   at this time?

Click Yes to continue with the replication installation or click No to come back to it later. If you click No, you can continue later by clicking Replication Configuration on the Server menu, and then clicking Publishing.

The distribution server portion is now complete.

Setting up Publishing:

  1. On the Server menu, click Replication Configuration, and then click Publishing.
  2. Under "Enable Publishing to These Servers" click to select the Enable check box of the server(s) that will be the publishing server(s).
  3. Click to select the Enable check box for the database(s) that will be the Publishing database(s) in the "Publishing Databases" list.

IMPORTANT: Click "Distribution Options" and select the distribution options you need for Distribution Server:

   Default is 'Commit Every 100 Transactions to Subscriber
   Server Type: SQL Server

You may want to lower the commit rate. All other defaults should be acceptable.

NOTE: If the server that you went to be a publisher is not listed under "Subscribing Server," click "New Subscriber" and register a new server. When that is done, the server will appear in the Subscriber Server list.

You may also change the "Working Directory" while you are in the Replication - Publishing dialog box by typing in the "Working Directory" edit box.

The publishing server portion is now complete.

Setting up Subscribing - Part A:

As the SQL administrator you can register the subscribing servers from your publishing or distribution server or manually set up subscribing on each computer if you prefer.

Assuming you are administering everything from one computer: On computer A, register computer B. On the Server menu, click Register Server. You can also register a new server. On the Server menu, click Registration Configuration, click Subscribing, and then click New Server.

NOTE: Ensure that the database(s) you want to make the subscriber(s) exists on computer B.

Set focus to Computer B, click Registration Configuration on the Server menu, and then click Subscribing.

  1. Click to select the Enable check box for Computer A in the "Enable Subscribing From These Servers:" list.

NOTE: You are saying that you want to allow publishing from Computer A.

  1. Click to select the Enable check box for the databases that you want to be the subscribing databases in the "Subscribing Databases:" list. These are the databases that will receive the replication data.

The basic distribution, publishing, and subscription topology portion is now down.

Setting up Subscribing - Part B:

On the Manage menu, click Replication, and then click Subscription. You should see the publishing database from Computer A.

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