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FP: Discussion Web Message Won't Keep Formatting after Posting

Last reviewed: March 19, 1998
Article ID: Q169835

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FrontPage 98 for Windows
  • Microsoft FrontPage 97 for Windows
  • Microsoft FrontPage for Windows, version 1.1
  • Microsoft FrontPage for the Power Macintosh, version 1.0


The text that you type in a message box (text box) and post to a discussion Web page does not retain formatting such as carriage returns and multiple character spaces.


The text from the message box (text box) is converted to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format and the carriage returns and extra character spaces are discarded.


To work around this behavior and retain scroll bars, line breaks, and carriage returns, enclose the text in a <TEXTAREA> tag. For example, change this code:

   <%= Request.Form("describe") %>

to this:

      <TEXTAREA ROWS="25" COLS="80">
      <%= Request.Form("describe") %>

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Keywords : kbusage kbdta
Version : windows:1.1,97,98; macintosh:1.0
Platform : WINDOWS
Hardware : x86
Issue type : kbprb

Last reviewed: March 19, 1998
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